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Counting Book Graph

Today’s math skill is going to incorporate number sense, by counting and writing the numeral that represents the group of objects, in a mommy/daddy teacher-made graph.  Whew! That was a mouthful, but this it is because this activity is packed with opportunities for extensions and repetition.

YOU are going to look through a counting book (or other family favorite book with pictures) and then fill in the first two columns of a graph with the animal/object names and images for your little one to search through the book to find and count.   My example is below from the book “Count!”, but you can free-hand the image….it doesn’t have to be perfect.  Your goal is to give your little one a researching task that causes them to find, count, and write the information into the correct spaces on the graph.  You will be there, by their side, helping with this task.  Your little one doesn’t have to sound out the number word in order to write it….he/she can use their book resource to write the numbers and spell the number words.

This is a great counting book extension to give your little one an independent activity to do and to learn from.

Special Discount on Glasses for Mommy Teachers!

Hey Mommy Teachers,

I recently came across a REALLY great company that sells quality eyeglasses online at affordable prices.  It is called GlassesUsa.com, and this is why I have to
tell you about it:

I have come across several children who were completely capable readers, but their vision was not strong enough to make out the formations of the letters.  These sweet students of mine would struggle through sounding out words, not because they couldn’t sound out the words correctly, but because they were “guessing” the wrong letters when they couldn’t quite see them clearly.  You might have done the same thing if you have ever been to an eye exam.  You squint your eyes and guess what letters you think you see, but it is a little blurry.

Please don’t put your new learner through this stress.  Do me a favor…go get your eyes examined and your little one’s eyes examined soon!  You can set a great example for your little one doing this with them and there are several books that can build confidence so that your little one will feel so cool wearing glassesMaybe if you buy glasses you might even be able to read those books to your children without squinting and getting a headache.

If you already have a prescription and would love a new set of frames….go buy glasses now while you can save 10% on your next order with THIS code: Mommy10

They also have a summer sale so you can take $25 off any order of glasses with Transitions lenses with the code: Trans25.

My favorite….They have a fun virtual mirror that allows you to “try on” your glasses before you buy them. You can even send the pictures to your friends!

So, go buy some nice and cheap glasses a little cheaper while you can at GlassesUsa.com.

Weekend Project

Reading phones are one of the new(er) classroom trends, but for good reason:

Children can practice reading (or reading strategies) independently when you give them a tool that allows them to hear themselves more clearly.  When I teach little ones to read they LOVE to use these phones.  I usually incorporate them when I have already introduced the book, walked through it once with them, and then allow them to read it by themselves.

This is the best time for the little one to practice his/her fluency, articulation, and reading strategies using the phones.

Maybe your little one isn’t “reading” yet….then use this phone to help them practice their sounds, rhyming, or alphabet.  This phone can also be great for tackling speech issues…. http://www.mommyspeechtherapy.com has great ideas and tools to help if that is the case.

You can make these reading phones for cheap!  This can be your weekend project.  Get a Daddy Teacher, neighbor, or your handy tools to help you cut one piece of PVC Pipe just two inches long and attach two 90 degree PVC elbows to make a child-size phone 🙂

Or, you can cut corners and buy one:

Lights Out!

Tonight my lights went out and I saw the mini flashlight sitting on the table and got to thinking….your lights go out every night at some point right?  When I was a little girl I shared a room with my sisters and we never wanted to talk and giggle more than when mom turned those lights out and walked out of the room.  We would stare at our cielings and talk the night away.

How much fun would it be if you layed down in bed next to your kiddos with flashlights “writing” on the cieling.  Write letters, your name, your little one’s name, simple rhyming words, numbers, or shapes having your little one “mirror” what you have written.  Practice sounding out words together and forming the letters that make up that word.

I think your little one will really enjoy this experience 🙂

A Book of Laughs

One day I spent an entire day with my niece making up knock knock jokes with her.  We took turns being as silly as possible.  All of my jokes were reminders that I was her favorite aunt:

Knock knock (who’s there) aunt jessie (aunt jessie who?)  aunt jessie your favorite aunt!  and then i did the same thing about another aunt and it was her “second favorite aunt” in front of that sister haha.

But Kaylee’s jokes were actually pretty creative and it makes me a little bummed that I didn’t write them down.

If I could do that again with her, I would write down each joke on a different page and turn it into “Kaylee’s Joke Book” for her to read and to have as a keepsake.  I would have her illustrate the pages and date it so that she could look back and remember how old she was when she came up with those jokes.

This sounds like a simple idea, but book-making is one of the best ways for children to learn and become familiar with concepts of print.


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