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Library Read-Aloud Take TwO!!!

I can’t believe that it was about 7 months ago that I wrote about my last library read-aloud experience.  I have to admit that I haven’t brought Sean Patrick more than a couple times since that day because he was such a tasmanian devil in the library that I felt like I needed more time to teach him to participate in that type of setting, especially with a new baby and a few other reasons that have overtaken my day-to-day this year.

 But today was magical!  haha.  I brought him this morning and on the way I talked to him about how we were going act and told him about the fun we were going to have at the library with other kids and “friends.” We were going to sit together and sing along with a “teacher.” I prepared him by setting the stage and communicating my expectations.  “You are going to stay by mommy and sit in my lap.  If you cant listen to the teacher then we will have to leave. I need you to listen to mommy and it will be so much fun.”  He said “Okay, I stay by mommy.”

And HE DID!!! haha It was really special.  He participated for the entire half hour, both in my lap and nearby.  Every time the leader sang a song, read a book, or led a fingerplay, Sean Patrick asked her to “Sing dat again!”  It was really great and now I’m excited to go back next week.

Even if our little ones aren’t always little angels, experiences like this are truly beneficial and rewarding.  This “mommy teacher” chooses her battles, and 7 months ago I felt like it was too much work in his stage at the time with a new baby to juggle the read-aloud, but I am SO glad we are in a good little season because it is a sweet thing! 🙂

Sticker Activity Printables

I spent the babies’ nap time today making sticker activity printables that I promised you on Friday….. because I know everyone who works with kids loves a good printable 🙂

These printables have a simple instructional line at the top of the page, but my suggestion is to 1) print TWO of each, 2) MODEL how to do each page, 3) do it together, and 4) let your little one try it independently on their own page.

Hope you enjoy these:

sticker activity printables

Sticker Activity Ideas

When I was little, my friends and I all had a sticker collection.  Lisa Frank was a hot commodity!  We would pretty much show and tell this collection, and sometimes trade.  But there are so many ways to make use of stickers – more than just maintaining a shelf life.

If you read “Join The Club” then you may remember that I was inspired to write up some sticker activity ideas for you to use what you already have to create fun and meaningful teaching opportunities.  Below are the ideas that came to mind, but feel free to share pictures on my facebook page of any sticker creations your little ones have designed 🙂

Use stickers:

1)      To check off chores accomplished using a chore chart. (This can teach responsibility & show data represented on a chart.)

2)      To mark important days on a calendar. (This can teach calendar skills & how to read information from a table.)

3)      To award positive behavior or to award children for each full serving of fruits & veggies your child eats at dinner. After a certain number maybe they can “rent a new movie” “bring a friend bowling” or some other fun incentive. (This  teaches number sense & goal setting.)

4)      To make patterns on paper strips that can be used to tape around your little one’s wrist or ankle to make a bracelet or anklet. [This can teach patterning and classifying (depending on how your little one chooses to make a pattern….by shape such as star-circle-star-circle, by color such as is pictured, by object such as horse-cat-horse-cat, etc.)]

5)      To make a sticker book of stories using the stickers in place of some of the words.  So for example if you have number stickers & animal stickers you might help your little one come up with something like this:  “(1) little (horse sticker) was galloping down the road, to meet (2) little (cat stickers) that were chasing a toad.” (This can teach math, reading, and creative writing skills.)

6)      To organize a sticker collection (place the stickers in sheet protectors and place in a binder by groups with divider tabs such as letters, shapes, animals, colors, scratch and sniff, etc.) (This can teach organization, classifying, sorting, and matching skills.)

7)      To represent characters in math stories (This can teach conservation of a number, number sense, counting, and adding.)

Hope this helps you to use what you have to create teaching opps…please share your stories!

Join The Club

I have some friends that apparently wanted to bring “snail mail” back into existence.

Two separate friends sent me a “this is not a chain letter” invitation to send ONE item to a little one and hopefully (if everyone cooperates) receive 36 items for my little one in return.  The idea was to mail a pack of stickers to the child in the number one spot, move the sender’s child’s name into the number one spot, my own child’s name in the number two spot, & mail the letter to 6 mommies.  The other letter was to do the same thing but with children’s books.  It sounds confusing, but its easy to understand when you read the “sticker club letter” that I received.

So, I have to admit when I received TWO of these on the same day, I thought “it’s because I’m The Mommy Teacher isn’t it?” as if they both knew that I couldn’t turn it down…. and they were right b/c I was inspired…
1) to mail out educational stickers and a book of my choice and
2) to come up with a few “stickers’ activity ideas” for those involved (which I will be posting soon!).

I think a snail mail “activity club” would be even cooler, but hey, I might pioneer that concept another day.  Today, I am focusing on the two “clubs” at hand.

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