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Makeshift Chalkboard

One of my co-workers used this as one of her writing activities and I just loved it!   It is simply black construction paper and colorful chalk.

It is so fun because the letters really pop on the black paper and it will spice up your little one’s color / writing time.

I model the way to do it first : making the letters, writing neatly and carefully so chalk doesn’t smear, and switching colors to make the art more vibrant.

Then, I leave the example on display while my little one has a chance to practice whatever skills he/she is learning at the time.

Here is one example of the rebus sentence one of my Kindergarteners created with the words he knew:

Kindergarten Writing Sample “I can play” 🙂

SO much to share….SO little time!

I have so many updates to share, but most require pictures that I haven’t had time to take yet. BUT, as I plan weekly activities for my kindergarteners I will be sharing them here…. which means more resources for you at home.

Here is one simple writing activity idea and “I can” printable:

I CAN writing activity

I am teaching the sight words “I can” in my classroom right now, but you can adapt this to whatever you are practicing at home because it is such a simple template.

When your little one is ready to learn words by sight, you will use activities like this to encourage your little one to have fun practicing writing the formation of the letters in the word.  Here your little one would write it in each color and then draw a picture of something he/she can do.

If you have a preschooler, you might work on one simple shape like a circle, letter or number.  If you have a Pre-Kinder you might work on your little one’s name.  If you have a Kinder, you might start working on their sight words when the list comes home from school or work on their middle/last name.  You don’t have to put it in a word document either….freehand the color words and model the first row for your little one.

A Hurricane Kind Of Week….

There has been so much going on in my life this week that I don’t know where to start!

Enjoying building at Nonna’s house WITH electricity!

Hurricane Isaac came and went but my household didn’t have power for four days so I couldn’t write a post. My family did, however, have plenty of time for board games, play dough, chalk board and dry erase board writing, reading, coloring, tracing, hide and seek, building towers, playing house, trains and trucks, indoor soccer, and several other rainy-day activities in our PJ’s. But, the fun really kicked in when we stayed at “Nonna”s on the third night. >>>>

But, the biggest news right now is that I accepted a teaching position to teach Kindergarten at the school across the street from my house. Some people have asked me if that means that I won’t be posting on TMT (the mommy teacher) anymore, but that is not the case! 😉 I will be trying to post at least once, if not up to three times a week so don’t stop visiting or spreading the word about TMT !

The BEFORE classroom pic!!!

My first share is my BEfORE pic of my classroom that needs A LOT of love….
My first step was to cover those dreary blinds and the cheapest alternative (on my budget) was DIY curtains made from plastic table covers…

Step ONE of the classroom make-over on a budget.

Other than being an affordable curtain solution, they are easily replaceable if they are damaged and they add plenty of color! I used colored paper clips to hang them on the top blind… (matching the color of the curtain to the clip to camouflage it and it worked. Just $12 and I don’t have to look at the wall of blinds anymore. If I had a smaller space, I would have bought table cloths from target and turned them into curtains…
But, covering 5 huge panels like that wouldn’t have achieved the affordable goal I was going for!

Anyway, I will be posting activities and learning experiences soon….this past week was just CRAZY!  Hope yours was great 🙂

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