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Don’t Pass Up The Chance to Teach SOMEthing today…

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day y’all!  Today is packed with purpose, historical and monumental.

So many great discussions can take place in your house on Inauguration Day; AND, who could pass up the chance to celebrate the day that we remember such a powerful figure in the Civil Rights Movement…. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

I had to pass along one example of a teachable moment from today to inspire you…. my friend Casey with Kidspired Creations…. writes on her personal blog… about her teaching moment.

It is a quick read, but I mean, if this doesn’t inspire you I don’t know what will!

I didn’t snap pictures from today, but with my two year old I mostly introduced vocabulary today while we watched the Inauguration…. like “President” and “Speech.”  etc.

I shared the following picture on my facebook page but I wanted to also share it here.  My kindergarteners made these simple books (from an idea on pinterest) and it is a beautiful depiction that we are in fact created equal.

(She wasn’t finished coloring but I think the way she colored the clothing too is adorable )

God Bless America!

Here Is My Secret Math Weapon

Okay, so today I am going to reveal one of my GREATEST math resources for little ones…. it is an OLDSCHOOL book that is still relevant and always will be for teaching number concepts.

Developing Number Concepts Using Unifix Cubes

WHATEVER YOU DO…. DO NOT BUY A NEW COPY OF THIS BOOK!  Buy a used one….. it is an old book and there are TONS of afforable copies!

If you are a homeschooling mom then you do not want to pass this up, but whether you are, or aren’t, this is a great activity book.

It is informative, and extremely hands-on.  If you worked on one “game” a week from the book and did it every day by the time you get through the progression of the activities your child will truly understand the foundations of math, and I wouldn’t be surprised if your child embraced math from then on.

This book is outdated in appearance but NOT content.  There are more updated books broken up into Book 1, Book 2, and Book 3, but they are just visually more appealing.  If you get the cheaper old school book you wont regret it.

 Oh, and I guess you will need some of these:

Unifix Cubes; Assorted Colors; 100 Piece Set; no. DD-225

A Couple Apps for the New Year

 HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!   I have been soooo busy soaking up time with my little ones as a working mom that I haven’t made time for posts.   But I assure you, I have TONS in the “Posts Drafts” Section of my website that I my new year’s resolution is to share 😉

Here is a quick share for you…

My sister showed me this Montessori Crosswords App that her TWO YEAR OLD was playing and I immediately wanted it on my phone for my little one.   It amazes me how many tools there are in the tech world these days and I love learning about them.

This App is a letter-sound matching tool that sounds out the first, middle, and ending sound of each word one letter-sound at a time.  A child matches the letter to its sound by dragging and dropping the letter in the correct space.   If a child isn’t sure what letter matches the sound, he/she can click on the question mark at the top to show the way the word should look.  Then, the skill changes to a letter recognition skill.

I was amazed that my niece was using deductive reasoning to figure out the right letter that makes the matching sound.   She was either trying different letters until she found the correct one or she was using the self-correct options to check the right letter.

See what I mean here:

This App is great for ages 2-7  in my opinion.  It is a great pre-requisite for phonetic spelling.

My two year old has known all of his upper case for almost a year, but this is a great tool to help him with lower case letter recognition by changing the letter case option to lower.

I don’t like to buy apps but this is one that I caved in and forked out the $2.99 because I know what a reading benefit this kind of tool can be.   Check it out and let me know what you think.

The Montessori Numbers App from the same group is pretty great too! It covers Numbers, Quantities, Numerals, Numerals from quantities, and tracing.  Awesome skills to build on!

Leave a comment with other Apps you like….I love to check them out and see what’s out there 🙂

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