Alphabet Hunt

My niece Kaylee and I went on a “date” to my sister’s beauty salon on Friday.  It was “the best date ever” in our words because we went to IHOP, the salon, and my sister’s boyfriend’s Extreme Nutrition afterwards so we had a full day.  Kaylee is five, and she enjoys talking in the car to make the car ride seem shorter so we did do  a lot of that.  But on the way home (a 45 minute ride back) we decided to play the ABC game where you have to find every letter of the alphabet on signs, billboards, license plates, etc. in ABC order.  If I noticed a letter I would describe where I saw it “Look at the second word on that billboard” or “It is at the end of the word on the restaurant sign.”  And each time we would find a letter, I would ask her to figure out what letter we were looking for next.  If she started from the beginning of the alphabet each time I encouraged her to try to start from a later letter in the alphabet to sing the song from there.

We ended up finding every letter, and we found “z” just one street away from my parent’s house so she was beyond excited that we had accomplished our goal.  When we got home we shared our experience with the others and tried to remember where we found certain letters on what signs.  I then noticed that this game did not have to be reserved for long car rides alone….A lot of cereal boxes have every letter of the alphabet on them somewhere.  Even the harder letters to find are on there: “Z” for zinc, “Q” for quality, “X” at the end of the word box.  So spend a morning with a permanent marker and a cereal box and see if you can help your little one find and underline every letter of the alphabet on a cereal box.  There are so many learning experiences to create from scratch if only you are looking for them 🙂

This picture was taken before we headed out, and before she wiped off the marker chaos her two year old sister designed on her leg haha.

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