Authority Figures…. Are you ALL on the same page?

This is a tough one y’all. There can be a lot of authority figures in our kids lives, and well… we don’t always see eye to eye.

But, in my experience, it has shown effective when everyone is on the same page about the BIG issues…expectations, discipline, and roles. Sometimes we can be control-freaks about the little stuff, but we can let go of that stuff when we acknowledge the root of that is PRIDE. Sometimes we need some perspective that other authority figures in our kid’s life CARE about our kids and want the best for them. So, try not to sweat the small stuff. But lets focus on the main things…. we all want to act out of impulse and “maternal/paternal instincts” most often. That doesn’t mean that we are right.  Prov.21:2 states that “EVERY way of man is right in his own eyes, but the Lord weighs the heart.”

Sometimes we need to “check ourselves” before God.

Here was my check: For a long time I was under-mining my husband’s parenting by constantly sharing with him my early childhood experiences in order to teach him the “right way” to guide Sean Patrick.  I admit that I was not the most supportive wife in the area of parenting for the first two years of our parenting together.

On almost every issue we (all parents) can approach something with our own experience, expertise, and opinions.  BUT I believe the key to authority figures getting on the same page is when we partner as learners TOGETHER so guiding children becomes OUR resources… not my resources VERSUS your resources.  

I am so excited to be in a community group of parents right now going through the book “Parenting is Heart Work” because it opens up so many discussions like how can WE do this better, or this isn’t working so how can WE change “x-y-z” to align with this great tool that WE now have.

Parenting Is Heart Work

Are you seeing the shift in perspective?  Are you experiencing this right now?

Share your thoughts in the comments of this post or share if you have found some resources that both you AND your co-teachers (in parenting 😉 ) have found helpful!

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