Boo ! Trace and Color

The other day I made a simple template for a zoo trace and color to tote along in our wagon for down times, I am going to re-make it using my own clipart soon, but for now it looks like this:

Zoo trace and color

Well, the VERY next day we were going to Boo at the Zoo so I wanted to mix it up and I had already made seasonal clipart so I toted this one along in the wagon…

Boo trace and color

I decided to make it a combined printable even though Halloween is right around the corner.

I thought you might want to tote this one around tomorrow on a walk and make it a scavenger hunt for decorations in the neighborhood so I figured I would go ahead and give ya this printable today!  If you don’t use it this year, bookmark TheMommyTeacher and you can always keep it for next year !

Click here…. BOO Trace and Color



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