Candy Cane Pattern Starters

I like using seasonal and fun things like candy canes to teach about things that I want Sean Patrick to learn or to practice.

Sean Patrick is familiar with patterns and he likes to finger-paint a lot, but he still needs a lot of practice so we are still working with AB patterns.

So, we are going to finish these patterns by taking turns.

Candy Cane Templates.blueandyellow

For the first candy cane I will paint one color and he will paint the next.

Then, we will switch for the second candy cane.  He will paint with the color I used the first time, and then I will paint with the other color.

Finally, I am going to ask him if he wants to make up another pattern on a blank template.

Here is a short video of us painting our second template – it is spur of the moment iPhone videoing so you get to see the real-life clip of our flighty pattern painting moment.

Click HERE to get the templates.  They are included in my membership (which is just $5 a year) OR you can purchase them for just $1 in my Teachers Pay Teachers Store.

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