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I have some friends that apparently wanted to bring “snail mail” back into existence.

Two separate friends sent me a “this is not a chain letter” invitation to send ONE item to a little one and hopefully (if everyone cooperates) receive 36 items for my little one in return.  The idea was to mail a pack of stickers to the child in the number one spot, move the sender’s child’s name into the number one spot, my own child’s name in the number two spot, & mail the letter to 6 mommies.  The other letter was to do the same thing but with children’s books.  It sounds confusing, but its easy to understand when you read the “sticker club letter” that I received.

So, I have to admit when I received TWO of these on the same day, I thought “it’s because I’m The Mommy Teacher isn’t it?” as if they both knew that I couldn’t turn it down…. and they were right b/c I was inspired…
1) to mail out educational stickers and a book of my choice and
2) to come up with a few “stickers’ activity ideas” for those involved (which I will be posting soon!).

I think a snail mail “activity club” would be even cooler, but hey, I might pioneer that concept another day.  Today, I am focusing on the two “clubs” at hand.

What’s In Your App Library? Comment to win an Educational App of Your Choice

As you can see I don’t have many apps in my iphone library but the ones I do have we like and use regularly. Sean Patrick loves the Starfall ABC app and so do I. It is entertaining, engaging, and it has been great for developing his oral vocabulary, phonemic awareness, letter recognition, fluency and more. I like to introduce apps and sit beside Sean Patrick as he plays and learns because I can articulate and reinforce skills that I think are important, but they could also be played independently.

 So, now let me hear from you for a Mommy Teacher Share Moment….
“What Apps are in your iphone/ipad library?”

When 25 or more people “share” on by commenting on this post or on facebook I will pick a winner (at random) to “gift” the Starfall ABC app to, or a coveted app of similar value 🙂

Activity Swap Giveaway! (Winner Announced)

Rafflecopter randomly selected a Winner: Entry# 216 Jacqueline V whose favorite aisle is the “beads” aisle. Congrats!!!

My friend recently shared an AWESOME mommy teacher idea to start an “Activity Swap” for our little ones…..why didn’t I think of that?!?

We love our cookie exchanges, recipe exchanges, etc. And now, an exchange that is even more meaningful, the author of the blog Second Story Window came up with the perfect exchange that will benefit everyone involved.

Basically, every mommy buys supplies in bulk for one activity they choose or come up with.  Then, each mommy places the materials and instructions in gallon-sized ziploc bags…. providing enough for the amount of mommies involved.  Each mommy who provided an activity gets to take an activity from each mommy home too.  Essentially, a mom can show up with ONE activity and leave with several for her little one.  Click here for the blog that gives specific tips to organize the event!

I LOVE this idea and it put me in the mood to go shopping at Hobby Lobby for some materials.  So, I thought I would supply a $25 Hobby Lobby Gift Card to one mommy (or daddy, grandma, teacher, whoever!) who is inspired today.

Enter below (giveaway starts today -march 5 and ends friday march 9)  – winners will be announced saturday the 10th!

And don’t be confused by the first several comments….Rafflecopter didn’t update when I changed the “Leave a Comment” entry from my last giveaway; so sorry if that confused anyone!  Don’t worry about changing your comment….just wanted to let you know it was my oversight! :

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Displaying Your Little One’s Name

A friend of mine from Santa Cruz, Bolivia sent me a name plate for Sean Patrick that I have hanging on the headrest in front of his car seat.  Displaying words that are meaningful to children is key because children “study” the print after you have talked through it with them.  These images become input in their working memory and will benefit your little one’s ability to recall important information.  Don’t just assume that they know what the print is or says (even if there is a picture).  Talk about every feature. 

For this name plate we talk about the color, shape, letters, the ball, and that those are the letters in his name.  We sing our little song, and I ask him about it as we are riding along.  I know this may seem so “behind the times” because most people have a tv in their head rest these days, but if that is the case hang skill sets on the back of the driver or passenger seat because either way it is a great visual for concentration.

I really recommend making one WITH your little one, but if you want to buy a decorative one my friend is in the business of making them and she calls them “Name Plaques” so contact her if you want to buy an affordable, customized display of your little one’s name.

My Little Songbird

The Day Before Yesterday I posted about coming up with a song that spells out your little one’s name, and I mentioned that Sean Patrick knew the first part of his song. I JUST started singing this song to him less than a week ago. Well, he turned 22 months old today and I thought I would share the video of his progress with his little diddy to date:

While I’m having a proud mommy moment, I’ll go ahead and share my videos of Sean Patrick counting as a 20 month old:

And my little one singing his “H-I-G’s” instead of his ABC’s at 21 months 🙂

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