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    I have always loved watching home videos. It is fun to re-live memories and I think deep down inside it is kind of fun to sit back and observe yourself the way that others might. Well, I am really going to embarass myself today with a “home video.”

Sean Patrick LOVES to watch himself over and over again, the same videos repeated so many times I can’t even stand it after a while haha.

For that reason, I started to integrate videos that taught him things that I wanted him to learn, like the ABC’s, Counting, Letters in his name, variations to head-shoulders-knees and toes, etc. I filmed these things while he was next to me or singing along so he could see himself and would actually want to watch them, and it worked….maybe he also just liked to watch mommy sing while looking and sounding ridiculous. Don’t torture yourself by watching it more than once…unless for some reason your little one finds it amusing haha:

For older kids, help them come up with a skit that teaches them about whatever topic you are learning and their “lines” can teach them more details about their subject. As they learn their lines, say them, watch those videos they will storing the facts in their brain so naturally.

My Little Songbird

The Day Before Yesterday I posted about coming up with a song that spells out your little one’s name, and I mentioned that Sean Patrick knew the first part of his song. I JUST started singing this song to him less than a week ago. Well, he turned 22 months old today and I thought I would share the video of his progress with his little diddy to date:

While I’m having a proud mommy moment, I’ll go ahead and share my videos of Sean Patrick counting as a 20 month old:

And my little one singing his “H-I-G’s” instead of his ABC’s at 21 months ūüôā

Singing Your Little One’s Name

Today’s video blog is to give you an idea of how you can be purposing transitions throughout the day to teach your little one the letters in their name.

We teach our little ones the ABC’s which makes learning the letters easier, but we seldom think to put the letters of our little one’s name to a tune (which is most likely the first work he/she will write!).

So, get busy and come up with a creative song to your little one’s name, video it, and SHARE it with me ūüôā¬† I will share your video if I think it could help other moms whose little ones have the same number of letters in their name as yours.


Oh I forgot to mention a couple things….my son’s name is “sean patrick” which explains what in the world I am singing haha

Sean Patrick bubble name

And, the song for a four letter name is “The Farmer in the Dell” so ignore the way I say it… “dale” lol

Learn to a Tune – Mommy Teachers Share!

YouTube can be a hard resource to sort through safely and efficiently. I have searched for several songs and videos that help little ones learn to a tune while being able to move their little bodies, and I have found that my “teacher library” serves me best when searching. So I thought I would share a couple that I think are done well, and all you mommy teachers can share (in a comment) other videos that you find to be great learning resources so we can all glean from each other’s finds.

And click here for a great resource for powerpoints made to go along with music that you may already have downloaded or on CD’s. I use these to PRINT them and make songbooks and make CD’s of my own with my selections. See an example of one that I have made here.

Your Library Read-Aloud Experience

I will be posting a reading activity tomorrow and will be having a giveaway SOON, but I wanted to ask a Mommy Teacher Question for Mommy (and daddy) teachers to share their read-aloud experiences:

Have you been to a read-aloud at the local library or something similar?¬† What was your child’s response?

All of our little ones are different….with different interests, behaviors, attention spans, personalities, activity levels, developmental skills, etc. and I QUICKLY learned that if I want my active little¬†17¬†month old¬†to learn library manners it is going to take some familiarity and practice!

I have attempted to take Sean Patrick to the weekly library read-alouds, for children his age, TWICE now; although he was slightly more interested the second time, the first visit still cracks me up.

This little child LOVES to read.¬† Tonight, our power was out and he sat on my lap as I read him TONS of books¬†(using a bright¬†headlamp) for an hour.¬† He reads to himself in the back seat of the car, and asks me to “read pweease” all day.¬† And he loves music too.¬†¬† HOWEVER,¬†when the librarian¬†was¬†leading fingerplays and reading a big book, Sean Patrick wanted nothing to do with it.¬† He wanted to run around the library, pulling books from the shelves, and he stopped in front of each person to direct their attention to himself.¬† Don’t get me wrong, these are also typical behaviors of my 17 month old, BUT¬†I¬†found it comical that¬†he didn’t¬†ALSO focus his energy on the read-aloud for more than 1 minute.

So, out of¬†sheer curiousity, and just for fun, I’d LOVE to hear about your read-aloud experiences either in a comment or on my facebook page:

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