Bedtime Stories

bedtime stories

Sean Patrick is obsessed with my husband’s bedtime stories… and now I am obsessed with them, because he let me in on his secret.

My husband, Patrick, has been weaving subliminal messages into the imaginative night-time stories he tells Sean Patrick.

His stories about animals in forests or athletes on the field all have hidden messages in them that encourage patience, perseverance, integrity, problem solving, etc.  It’s genius!  Books always have morals and lessons so why shouldn’t our bedtime stories right?

Sean Patrick likes to be the main character in the stories we tell him; So, Patrick might tell him a baseball story where Sean Patrick is up to bat and misses but he doesn’t get upset or give up, he just tries again.

Or, an alligator might have Sean Patrick’s fishing pole so he has to wait until the alligator falls asleep to get it back like waiting until a friend is done with a toy before taking it back.

I have started to weave subliminal messages into my teaching tips too…

My recent story was about a boy named Sean Patrick who had the strongest alligator chomp (his pencil grasp) that he could chomp down on a wild crayon but the crayon could never break free from his super strength.   And when he would write letters they would come alive…. the letter S would slither off of the page like a snake and he would have to catch it with his alligator chomp before it could get away.

Can you tell we are letting our imaginations run wild over here?

Newest Addition to TMT Family

Hey Mommy Teachers… this is TMT Jessica here.

We are so excited to welcome little one number three to our family….


Mckenzie Beth


Big brother and big sister are so excited!

As a Mommy Teacher, a lot has been going through my mind, and I wanted to share some of the teachable moments I have been purposing throughout the week with the NEWest addition:

1)  I have set some clear boundaries for the older two siblings and I am trying to be as consistent as possible with the follow through for my expectations.  They can touch her softly/gently but not on the face.  They can hold her with mommy’s supervision, and I have set other similar physical boundaries.  The kids also have to find something quietly to do while mommy feeds the new baby (typically, they each feed their own baby dolls during this time).  We have also changed the baby dolls diapers EVERY time we have changed Kenzie haha.

2)  They are learning so many great life lessons and teaching each other so many things… Sean Patrick is in charge of “reading” to Mckayla when she wants Mommy to hold her but I am rocking Kenzie to sleep.

reading to sissie

Sean Patrick’s version of the story…”Oooh Ooh a tiger”

3)  We cant get out much right now with a newborn so we are doing LOTS of music and movement (I will write about what we are doing this week) and we are playing in the backyard to get all our energy and wiggles out as well as swimming in the plastic pool, playing backyard sports, singing and dancing, jumping on the trampoline, etc.

4) We are learning about the differences between babies and ourselves (how they eat, sleep, what they can not to that big kids can do like walk, talk, etc.) and we have compared the letters in the kid’s names now that we have a new name to explore  (With play dough letter stencils and bath foam letters mostly).


One activity for older kids that I think is SO GREAT and I had to share as an idea for you to keep in your memory bank (or pinterest board) for when someone in your family or a close friend has a new baby is a “Tips for having a new baby” LIST.  My creative niece came up with some humorous tips that I should consider now that I have three young kids.  Her mommy teacher, my sister, supported her in this writing process and they even re-wrote it to make it more presentable – GREAT handwriting practice.   The night she came to visit us, she read it aloud (great presentation for reading, speaking clearly, and practicing “public speaking”).  It was REALLY thoughtful and adorable….It is now on my fridge. Read the tips below and enjoy!

Rough Draft

Here is her Rough Draft


Here is the re-written list of parenting tips ... from a 7 year old's point of view!

Here is the re-written list of parenting tips … from a 7 year old’s point of view!


Summer Break Curriculum: Community

1st month of summer

While a lot of students across the country are just kicking off their summer, Monday starts week 4 of our summer vacation!  If you are just now joining our summer quest to never hear the phrase, “I’m bored,” please go back and read Part 1 and Part 2 of our summer learning curriculum and activity schedule.


This week we are learning all about where we live and the people who keep our community safe and functioning.

Vocabulary:  community, map, doctor, dentist, teacher, police officer, fire fighter, waiter, waitress, chef,  mail person, garbage man/woman, plumber, electrician, cashier, construction worker, librarian (the list is endless)

Role Play/Dramatic Play:

“Dental Health” From the Hive
Use Jumbo Legos, play dough and yarn to floss your patient’s teeth!

Role play different occupations so your little one can get a better understanding on what roles people play in our communities.Use an old purse as a doctor bag, head phones as a stethescope, ace bandages, bandaids, thermometer, medicine dispenser as a shot, etc.

Use a play tool set to pretend to be construction workers and discuss the different types of things that need to be fixed in a community:  houses, buildings, roads, signs, etc.

Take turns being a chef/waiter/customer, cashier/shopper, teacher/student, doctor/patient, etc.

Here is a great resource for dramatic play as community helpers:  Growing by Grace.

Reading:  LMNO Peas by Keith Baker

Check it out on Amazon! 

My kids absolutely love this book and I love this book because it talks about different community roles with each letter!

Visit your local library and you can find books on each different occupation.

Writing and Field Trip:  Write letters and teach your older child how to address envelopes.  Decorate a box to use as a mailbox to deliver the letters.  Take it a step further and visit your local post office to learn how the post masters deliver mail.

Field Trip:  Schedule a field trip with your local fire station!

Safety:  Help your child memorize your address and phone number and Mommy and Daddy’s first and last name.

Teach your child how to dial 9-1-1 in an emergency (and also teach that we do NOT dial 9-1-1 if it is not an emergency).

“Dental Health” From the Hive

Math:  Counting teeth.  Roll the dice and add the correct number of marshmallow teeth.

Subtraction:  “Sally lost 3 teeth.  How many does she have now?”  Use “pliers” to pull the teeth like a dentist.

Social Studies:  Draw a map of your neighborhood/community and give it to your child as you walk around the neighborhood (or since we live out in the country, as we drive around our town).

Reading Craft for Social Studies:  Make a book.  Either draw simple pictures or use your camera (or Google clip art) to take pictures to illustrate your book.  Each page builds on the bigger picture of where you live.

I live in a home.  My home is on  ________ Street.  My street is in a neighborhood.  My neighborhood is in a town/city.  My town/city is in a stateMy state is in country.  My country is on the continent.  My continent is on the planet Earth.

I will be posting our completed crafts and activities soon from the past few weeks, so please stay tuned!!!  I also pinned BEAUCOUP activities and crafts for Community Helpers!  Please visit The Mommy Teacher Pinterest Board for an overwhelming amount of incredible ideas!  Comment below with any other ideas for activities to teach about our communities!

Summer Break Part 2: A Theme a Week

Yesterday I posted about SUMMER SCHOOL and how we will be bridging the summer gap between Kindergarten and 1st grade for my older son, with my 3-year old tagging along in our school adventures, too.  However, yesterday’s post was mainly about desk work which will only be taking up no more than 20 minutes per day.

Each week we will have a different THEME which will allow us to EXPLORE in depth different things that kids already ask a bazillion questions about.  The days will be filled with discussions, field trips, science experiments and art projects that go along with that week’s theme.  Will you join us on our journey to have the best summer ever???

1st month of summer

the mommy teacher

Below I have posted activity ideas for weeks 1-3!  Enjoy and help me brainstorm more ideas and comment below!

WEEK 1: SEASONS  (May 27-31)

Here are a few ways that we will be exploring seasons:

Music:  Four Seasons by Harry Kindergarten

And Dr. Jean’s song Macarena Months.  If you remember the Macarena, you can do those motions along with this song.  Who doesn’t love Dr. Jean and the Macarena?  Double bonus!

Art:  4 Seasons Art Project:  We will be gathering lots of random items around the house to design landscapes for each season (ex.  cotton balls for snow, green leaves outside for summer, Popsicle sticks for trees, etc.)

Math and Gross Motor Skills:  Sorting Clothes and dressing for each season!  We haven’t put away all of the winter wardrobe yet, so we will sort through clothes and create outfits for winter, spring, summer and fall.

Writing:  “What is your favorite season?”

Vocabulary:  Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall/Autumn, temperature, months of the year

Science/Math:  reading a thermometer, exploring the tilt of the Earth and how it affects the seasons

Math:  Calendar – taking a look at the summer months and seeing what we have planned

Reading:  We will be heading to our library each week to choose books to accompany our themes.  This is where it’s great to get to know your local librarian because he or she can help you find the books you need – maybe even before you get there!

WEEK 2:  WEATHER (June 3-7)

Music:  Weather Song For Kids: “The Sun Comes Up!”  from Dream English Kids

“Weather Song” from Have Fun Teaching!  This one is very informative and catchy!

Science and Math:  charting the week’s weather by observation, predicting what the weather will be later in the day and tomorrow

Art:  painting different weather scenes

Gross Motor Skills and Science:  playing in the sprinkler (rain) and making rainbows

Vocabulary:  temperature, precipitation, weather, sunny, cloudy, windy, rainy, storm, types of clouds, meteorology, meteorologist

Science:  making water tornadoes with 2 -liter bottles.  Fill one 2-liter 3/4 of the way and duct tape the two openings to the bottles (leave the caps off) together, turn your bottles upside down and gently move the bottles in a circular pattern to make a water spout inside.

Computer:  Interactive Weather for Kids:

Weather Wiz Kids:

ABCteach:  Weather:

 Music:  “My Whole Body Can Move” by Jack Hartmann

Dr. Jean’s “A Tooty Ta” always gets everyone moving and shaking!

Science and Vocabulary:  Discovering Outside Body Parts (arms, legs, hair, skin) and Inside Body Parts (heart, brain, lungs)

Art:  Bones Project (creating a skeleton using Q-tips)

Chalk Outlines:  we will trace our bodies with chalk in the driveway and will add hair, face, clothes, shoes, etc.

Hand puppets:  we will make sock puppets to use on our hands using old socks, yarn, googly eyes, markers and more

Stick Figures:  drawing specific objects is a learned skill so I will be teaching my kids how to draw stick figure people

Math:  counting fingers, toes, eyes, nose, mouth… What do we have the most of?  How many fingers do you and I have together?

Science:  the 5 senses:  Hear(listening for sounds), Taste (e

ating salty and sweet snacks), Touch (feeling different textures), Sight (turning off the lights and shining flashlights on different objects), Smell (flowers, different foods)

Reading:  My Body by Angela Royston and Sally Hewitt

Gross Motor Skills:  Exercise!  Practice hopping, skipping, jumping jacks, bending, and moving your body in every way!  Talk about how important it is to exercise and move your body to stay in shape!

Science, Health and Nutrition has information on nutrition for families, eating healthy on a budget, daily food plans, sample menus and recipes and more!  Amazing resource!

Field Trips:  Bowling!  Check your local bowling alley to see if they have the Kids Bowl Free summer program!

Find a local inflatable warehouse for your child to let loose and jump away (great for long naps later in the day)!

Playgrounds with equipment for climbing and balancing!


Please post below if you have any other activity ideas for our first 3 weeks of summer!  I hope you will join us on our quest to have the Best Summer Ever!!!  Stay tuned for updates on our activities, projects and ideas for the our other themed weeks!

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