Bat-Math Printable

I was inspired by another mommy teacher and finally got my act together and started hanging our Fall activities on the blinds of the playroom and it got me SO motivated to purpose even more seasonal teaching moments.

I am not over-zealous… I purpose one activity a day… and today’s activity was “Bat- Math.”   I wanted to give y’all the step-by-step breakdown in case you wanted to print this FREE Bat-Math Printable and have some duh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh da nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh BAT – MATH.  Sorry, had to set the tone for this.

The way that my mini bat-math lesson started is funny…

Bat Printable

I found a VERY simple page with the outline of 10 bats in an Elmo activity book (by the Count) and I thought…

Today, Sean Patrick is going to learn that The LAST NUMBER he says when counting is the AMOUNT of bats that there are on this page.  (I know that that is an abnormal thought).  That is a common core math standard – that children can simply recognize that the last number they say represents the amount in the group they are counting. (Example: If there are 5 bats on the page then when I count 1-2-3-4-5, I know that there are FIVE bats because it was the last number that I said when I counted the last bat).

I started with too many – I will be honest.  The page had 10 bats.  He can count to 10 but I wish I would’ve started with 5…. which is why I made this free printable with 5 and with 10 because you know your kiddo and can choose.

Skittle one to one

First I said “Alright Sean Patrick… today lets cover up each one of these bats with skittles.  Each bat gets ONE skittle so that we can count how many bats there are.  When we figure out the right number of bats then we can eat that many skittles!” (once again… he normally only gets to eat THREE skittles so I wish I would’ve started with my own printable haha).

bat printable with skittles

He covered up each bat (one skittle on each bat) and then started to count.  He counted slow – one number for each skittle which is GREAT, but he miscounted because he didn’t count strategically (he started at the bottom and jumped up and around) so I said “Okay baby, try counting from the top then over, and go to the next line so we can count the right number. “

He tried again and he said “ten” but kept counting.

So I said “That was great counting…. lets try it one more time and when I say STOP, try to remember the number that you said!”

He counted it again and then I said “What was the last number you just counted to?”…. he said “five” haha okay this is great….this is the moment I realized 10 was too high to count a group number, and it was the moment that I realized we could work on this one skill all week.

Then we counted it again and I said “Did you hear yourself count to ten…. watch mommy and listen…. I shouted “10!” when I counted to that number and then said “How many?” and he finally said “Ten!”

I said “YEAH! lets celebrate great counting… eat your treats and then we will give all TEN bats a sticker, then we can color them.  Let’s put the stickers on in the same “smart way” to count…. from the top to the bottom.

Bat With Stickers

He was content with coloring just one bat so we glued the “finished” product onto a black sheet of construction paper and hung it up on our “fall art” wall…. (which I will share the play-by-plays of those activities next week).

fall playroom wall

Teaching Number Sense Using Your Child’s Age

I have been so excited to see my son associate amounts with numbers lately.  He is starting to understand that a number is not just a bunch of shapes (one looks like a line, zero looks like a circle, etc) but he is starting to have Number Sense.

Sean Patrick's first attempt to make "three" with his fingers

Sean Patrick’s first attempt to make “three” with his fingers

Sean Patrick is 3 and a half  and I realized we have used his age in association for almost everything we do:

  •  Three minutes in time out
  • Three treats as rewards
  • Three bedtime stories
  • Three minutes on the timer in preparation for bedtime or leaving the house
  • Three crayons out at a time while he is coloring
  • Three kids in our family! (Number three is three months now but I loved this pic)

1-2-3 babies

  • You get the picture 🙂

Because there is so much consistency and exposure to the AMOUNT three, Sean Patrick knows every combination that makes up three:

I was JUST upstairs telling him bedtime stories before his nap and after the first one I told him, he held up one finger and said “That was one, two more please.”

My husband has done a great job playing “How many fingers am I holding up?” with him because he will play it fast and fun and if Sean Patrick messes up then they count to see how many he is really holding up.  (That is a common core standard by the way- recognizing that the last the last number said when counting is the number that represents the group counted!)

So, if you haven’t tried this yet, start making a habit of associating as much as you can with your child’s age.  This year Sean Patrick will learn ALL the ins and outs of “what makes three” and even if I introduce him to “what makes four” and “what makes five” when he is ready, he will really have fluency to compose and decompose these familiar numbers!

Playdoh Numbers

My kids are having a blast with this SIMPLE and CHEAP number activity.  They close their eyes and pick a number (this is a magnetic number from the walmart toy aisle where the playdoh is).

Then they pinch that number of dots (which is great for teaching one-to-0ne correspondence) and roll a chunk of playdoh into a “snake” before forming it into the numeral to match the number they selected.  I actually let them do this on a laminated sorting mat in my classroom.  My sorting mat is one piece of white construction paper and another piece glued together at the end and then laminated.  That way they can place the quantity on one side and the formed number on the other.

EASY, CHEAP, DOABLE, and you probably have everything you need at home!


Turkey Day Eve – 2010 Repeat

One of my favorite Thanksgiving memories is when my cousins and I would gather together to make crafts that my Aunt had prepared in advance.  So, I couldn’t miss out on the opportunity to make a Thanksgiving-themed activity.

As I talked about in my post “Number Sense,” children need to learn that a number is a symbol that represents a quantity.  Counting slowly, touching one object at a time, is one way to start.  Drawing ojects one object at a time is the next step to practice representing a number.  After your child is exposed to counting through hands-on activities over a period of time, they will start to be able to recognize a group of 3 objects as 3 objects without even needing to count.  So, today’s activity is:

1) Print the turkeys Numbered Turkeys

2) Cut out the turkeys; let your child assist you, teaching him/her how to hold the scissors and take small “bites” carefully.

3) Encourage your child to identify the number on the turkey and draw that many tailfeathers on the tukey’s bottom, making it as colorful or simple as they like using crayons, markers, or even paint (with fingers or brush) if you want to make it more of a craft.

4) As always, have fun!

Simple Number Search

A friend asked me the other day for more number activities to introduce to her little one who is unfamiliar with numbers, though she said her little one is familiar with letters.  This is sort of common because we are so eager to teach our little ones their ABCs we initially neglect their 123s.  However, it is just as important to teach number recognition as it is to teach letter recognition, and today I made a little printable so that you can reinforce/teach numbers to your little one.  The final “answer sheet” will look something like this:

I use this number search printable as a means of providing an example  of what number your little one is looking for as well as requiring them to find that same number and color it in, focusing on the formation of the letter as they color it in.  Then the little one will color in every other number that is not a “5” a different color.

Click on the link below to download the PDF or click the purchase button 🙂

simple number search

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