Happy Mardi Gras!

The weather on this Mardi Gras Day is anything but parade-friendly.

It’s cold, wet, and icy; which is NOT what we are used to Down here in Louisiana!

So, the Mardi Gras activity pack that I made for my young kids is coming in handy!!!

Here is a glimpse from my TpT store 🙂

The Mommy Teacher Mardi Gras Activities on TPT

The packet has a mask template, a king cake shape puzzle (that can also function like a game board), and a bead necklace pattern template.

You can get it here at this link: http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Mardi-Gras-Activities-with-mask-template-1133280

Or, if you are a member, I am adding it now. 🙂

A friend of mine took a picture of her little one eating king cake while doing the king cake activity and it made my day:

Mardi Gras King Cake Activity


The Meaning Behind Christmas Decor {Printable}

Today is the last of my 24 Days of Printables!  If you missed out you can check out the Facebook Album & you’ll have plenty to do over the holiday break.

I wanted to introduce the meaning of our Christmas decorations and when I googled the meanings there were no visuals for kids to make easy associations SO I thought that this task would be perfect for my last Christmas printable for 2013:

Meaning of Christmas Visual.001

It’s super kid-friendly so I hope you enjoy it!


Christmas Graphics: The Mommy Teacher 2013

Nativity Graphics: @Charlotte Braddock 2013

The Most Memorable Way To Give Kids Their Presents

My sister, Becca, is probably the most creative and sentimental human being that I have ever met.

She always amazes me with her thoughtfulness and the energy she spends to create special memories for our kids.

When we get our kids together she is always preparing fun snacks, special crafts, itineraries of special events, and much more.

Well, she started a tradition with all of the kids just two years ago that the kids now anticipate and remember more than any other tradition: a scavenger hunt to find their toys!

The kids were so attentive to figure out their next clue!

The kids were so attentive to figure out their next clue!

So, my awesome sister buys small toys/trinkets, writes riddles for the scavenger hunt, and has the kids play outside while she sets up all of the gifts.   Another sister, Ali, is also a PHENOMENAL gift-giver so she loves to help with the shopping and setting up of the gifts as well.

I asked Becca if she was okay with today’s printable being this year’s riddles and she was glad to share it.  So, HERE is the riddle if you want to print it and use it OR just use it as a guideline to make your own.

A Fun Scavenger Hunt Riddle to Make Gift-giving even more special for kids!

Here is an example of one of the riddles in action:

And here is the play-by-play of this year’s scavenger hunt:

1) Favorite Bible Stories Coloring Books on the playroom table.

2) A piñata hanging in the backyard.

3) Nativity Magnets and birthday blowers in the kitchen.

4) Candy Canes in the bedroom.

5) Presents under the tree in the living room.



Favorite Christmas Traditions

I made a printable to piggyback this morning’s post…. you should definitely go back and read it if you haven’t had a chance!

Or, you can always “Pin It” and save it to read later. 😉

I made a journal template for Christmas traditions so that you could help your kids write out their traditions as a keepsake, but I decided that I am going to print one for myself.

I want my kids to get to see what my childhood traditions were so they could learn a little and yes, even compare the traditions from my childhood to theirs.

So, here it is:

Favorite Traditions Journal

Oh, and Stick these in a folder or binder with sheet protectors so you can always add pictures later!

Get Ready For Winter {Printable}

Tomorrow is the first day of winter.

I know that this is true, but if I walk outside of my Louisiana home right now I could easily work up a sweat.

Still, I was excited to get ready (a day early) and have my kids paint the letters that spell out WINTER and display the season in our playroom over all of our Christmasy art.

Winter Letters

Is Christmasy a word?  I use it a lot.

I printed this printable and pulled out my paints.

winter letters preview

We painted the letters “W” and “T” dark blue.

Painting W and T

We painted the letters “I” and “E” light blue.

Painting I and E

And we painted the letters “N” and “R” gray.

Painting N and R

I deemed these wintry colors.

Is wintry a word?  I don’t have time to “google” this stuff y’all.

You could probably back these letters to construction paper to make this even cuter, which I might do when my life slows down.  Don’t wait up.

HERE is the printable

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