Christmas Math Pack

Making these math pages reminded me of the homework I used to send home when I was teaching.  In fact, I actually made this because there was a parent whose child WANTED homework, but wasn’t getting any sent home in his folder as the holidays were approaching.

christmas math preview.001



Yes, I realize that not everyone would want homework (or homework like this) sent home.  But, I think everything is what you make of it, and I used to make these fun through the dialogue we would have and all the ways we would come up with to discover the answers to these “problems.”

Pages like this can get a bad wrap (pun intended).

If recording sheets are coined as “work sheets” then that can suggest that they are used in boring ways to accomplish boring tasks.

I would like to suggest that when counting the presents we would give each tree a child’s name and we are going to be Santa’s helpers to count how many presents are under each tree and take an inventory so we can report back to Santa how many presents each child received.

And for the one with the ornaments we are in charge of decorating the North Pole Christmas trees and we have to record how many decorations we used on each tree so we can keep track of them to use again next year.

You can also use these to teach the importance of taking your time, checking your work, and other similar skills that are important for hard workers.  If the elves weren’t hard workers Christmas just wouldn’t be the same.

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Christmas Memory Game {Freebie}

When I sit down at night to plan for the next day, I think about what would be a great activity for Sean Patrick.  Last night as I was brainstorming, I realized that we haven’t played memory in a while.

But, I also wanted to make a memory game that the incentive for winning was not just pride.

So, each time a player makes a match they collect a snow card.

The player with the most snow gets to “shovel” the cards and set up the next game.

christmas memory game 600 x 400.002

If you have any other ideas for winners of board games please share them in a comment!

For this memory game, nine matches can be made. There are numbers and words on the cards to reinforce number recognition and reading skills too!

(To make setting up the game easier draw a game-board with 18 rectangles for the kids to play the cards face down on).

The other extra page is a blank template if you want to extend this game by having the students cut up magazines to make their own matching game.

I will add pictures or a video of Sean Patrick and I playing this later but for now…

Here is your Game Printable!  Click here!

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I recommend printing this game onto card stock so that you can’t see through.

Wants Vs. Needs Activity – An Absolute NEED Around The Holidays

“I want,” “I want,” “I want.”

Does anyone else spend a lot of their days teaching their kids to start sentences with “May I please have?”

This holiday season I want to be proactive and talk about the difference between a “want” and a “need.”  I want Sean Patrick to begin to learn that needs come first and then anything else (that we might like) is a gift that is not a guarantee.  Hmmm… we use I want a lot too come to think of it.

So, Today we talked about money.  How daddy goes to work to earn money and we can save the money, use the money for things we need, share the money, and then spend the money on things that we decide on (together as a family).

I showed Sean Patrick the first page of the printable and we talked about it (using simplified language).

wants vs needs with trademark.003

Next, we talked about the next page of the printable.

wants vs needs with trademark.001

Then, we used magazines to cut out pictures of things that we need every day and glued them on the side of the third page of the printable under the jar that says “need.”

Cutting Magazine

Finally, we cut out pictures of things that we want but we will talk about and think about for a couple days before we put it on our list to Santa.

SP glueing

Here is what our finished product looked like:

wants vs needs activity





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Christmas Tree Printables

Christmas Tree Preview.001

My kids had a blast choosing which template Christmas Tree they wanted to paint this morning. They chose the colors they wanted to paint with and they carefully tried to fill in the circles using their q-tips.

These templates are perfect for q-tip painting, dot-painting, fingerpainting, or glueing and decorating.

christmas tree painting

We talked about what a real Christmas tree looks like (the colors, shapes, accessories, etc.) and we talked about the size of the tree using non-standard measurement (two hands tall, one forearm tall, 4 toy eggs tall, etc.).

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Pilgrim Hat Activities

I notice that “coloring pages” are still all the rage, and I actually think so much great conversation and bonding can take place coloring with your kids so I am probably in that mix. My kids and I love to color together.

But, I also like to make templates that I can use for multiple uses.

So, I made a simple but useful and free Pilgrim Hat Activity that I am posting for ALL my TMT followers.

pilgrim screen shot

You can use this to talk about who attended the First Thanksgiving.

You can use this to talk about food that we typically eat at Thanksgiving.

Or you can use this to talk about thankfulness of course!

SP painting Pilgrim's hat

We decided to break out the puff paint and glitter for this one.  We ended up finger-painting the globs of puff paint.  We had fun, and we talked about the Pilgrims. I reminded him of his school’s Thanksgiving Feast and the Pilgrims costume to make an association.  At one point I had to hide the “sugar,” my one year old’s name for glitter, but other than that it was a winner!


Simple, but timely right?

SP pilgrim hat

Sean Patrick’s “finished” product…. Oh 3 year olds! 😉


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