Christmas Math Pack

Making these math pages reminded me of the homework I used to send home when I was teaching.  In fact, I actually made this because there was a parent whose child WANTED homework, but wasn’t getting any sent home in his folder as the holidays were approaching.

christmas math preview.001



Yes, I realize that not everyone would want homework (or homework like this) sent home.  But, I think everything is what you make of it, and I used to make these fun through the dialogue we would have and all the ways we would come up with to discover the answers to these “problems.”

Pages like this can get a bad wrap (pun intended).

If recording sheets are coined as “work sheets” then that can suggest that they are used in boring ways to accomplish boring tasks.

I would like to suggest that when counting the presents we would give each tree a child’s name and we are going to be Santa’s helpers to count how many presents are under each tree and take an inventory so we can report back to Santa how many presents each child received.

And for the one with the ornaments we are in charge of decorating the North Pole Christmas trees and we have to record how many decorations we used on each tree so we can keep track of them to use again next year.

You can also use these to teach the importance of taking your time, checking your work, and other similar skills that are important for hard workers.  If the elves weren’t hard workers Christmas just wouldn’t be the same.

This four-page printable is included in my membership because I sell in on TeachersPayTeachers, but if you check out my membership you might be shocked about how much you are getting for such a quick and easy deal.


Christmas Trace and Color

This SIMPLE Sunday Printable is happening.  I am tired.  I am going to bed.  But, I could not neglect my 24 Days of Printables of course so I went ahead and made a simple Trace and Color for ya!

Christmas Trace and Color.001

I am going to use it for the obvious… so my kids can trace the letters in the words and color.

But, you can also have your kids sound out the words and use the picture clues to check that their word makes sense.

Or, you can stick this on a clipboard and go on a scavenger hunt in your house for the decor that they can find, coloring only the items that you have in your house.

If you come up with other ideas for this or you use it in a different way… please share it in a comment at the bottom of this post!

Here ya go!


Nativity Templates

If you didn’t get a chance to read yesterday’s post, I shared 5 Nativity Favorites that you might want to take a look at. 🙂

I also shared Part One of my Nativity Templates and here is Part Two:

Nativity Previews.010

Ideas for using these templates are sharing in my last post as well.

These templates are included in my membership because I sell them on TeachersPayTeachers but if you check out my membership you will see there is ALOT to keep coming back for. 🙂

5 Nativity Favorites for Kids

Chatting with my friend Allie this morning about the kid’s nativity sets and books that our kids love, I knew I needed to share all of our favorites along with Part 1 of the Nativity Templates I made.

Allie really recommends this one:

Fisher-Price Little People Nativity Playset

Her kids play with it a lot and sing along to the music.  It lights up so they like to play with with the lights off too.

I want this (I love advent calendars and felt boards):

Kubla Crafts Nativity Fabric Advent Calendar


Here are the 3 books we absolutely LOVE (see if your local library has them):

Finally, here is Part One of the templates that I made as an extension activity to all that you are doing learning about the birth of Jesus:

Nativity Previews.009

The templates I made are GREAT to use as play dough mats, dry-erase tracing mats, patterns to put along side your paper as you draw the pictures shape by shape, and using for construction paper art.

angel template

This Part 1 of the templates include: Joseph and Mary, an Angel, a Star, and baby Jesus.

nativity templates

It is included in my membership because I sell this template set on TeachersPayTeachers, but you can get it included in the membership for just $5 right now (limited time price).

Here is a quick little YouTube video for using the angel template:

Guiding Santa’s Sleigh {Creative Writing}


I was reading this book:

Who Will Guide My Sleigh Tonight?

and I’m in the 24 days of Christmas Printables mode.

So, I decided to give make a template for it… meanwhile I have “Run, Run, Rudolph” stuck in my head and I don’t know any of the other lyrics.

This template can be used however you would like.  You can white-out my writing prompt if you come up with a better idea for it (and if you do, please share it).

But, I am using it as a creative writing (or drawing) template to do after reading the adorable book “Who will guide my sleigh tonight?”

Click HERE if ya want it!

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