Start a Binder of Their Reading Responses

A great beginner reading activity is to read a book to your child and ask him/her to draw something about it: their favorite part, favorite character, silliest part, etc.    If your child says “I dont know how to draw” ask what he wants to draw and give him some simple tips like “Maybe you can draw a circle ‘like this’ for the ‘pig’ in the book”. Then write the date, the book title, and what he drew (the exact way that he dictates it to you) at the top. Read it out loud as you write so that he begins to understand that you are writing in order to tell a story about his drawing. Then, later on, if you ask him to tell you about the book I bet his picture will jog his memory.

I know you are probably beginning to think that you are going to accumulate so much stuff, and you might. But for now, here is something you can do….Start a binder with 3 dividers: Reading, Writing, Math. It will help to keep them organized.  Here are three dividing pages for you below if you want them:

Binder Dividers

binder dividers.001

binder dividers.002

binder dividers.003

Pre-Reading Activity

If you want to start working with your little one on being able to read then the first order of business is to READ TO THEM!  Children love being read to and they love to read.  But when they read they need to know that it is OKAY to make up words for all the pictures.  Cozy up next to them and ask them to read you a book.  If they say “I dont know how to read” then ask them to make up words and explain to them that that is what the writer of the book (or the author) did.  Explain that “When Mommy/Daddy reads I read the words the author wrote, but I want to hear your story.”  You want them to start telling you about the things they see for several reasons….they will start to understand that print carries a meaning, they will learn that they can use picture clues to help them read, they will start to comprehend the sequence of a story line, and many other pre-reading skills 🙂

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