Every Parent Should Download This App

I wish I was an affiliate for The Daily Vroom, but I am not.
I am not getting paid to endorse this amazing resource, but it is my new favorite resource out there.

I have been using it every day, and only modifying it SLIGHTLY.

The Daily Vroom app allows you to input your children’s names and ages so that an age-appropriate activity idea pops up on your phone each day; one for each child.

These activities are almost always something that you can do right that moment, or will be a great back pocket idea for later use that day.

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 8.53.06 PM

You can pick your own if you are out an about: at the park, at an appointment, etc.
You can scan ideas in each category for clean up time, snack time, bath time, etc.

My kids and I played the whisper game in the waiting room at the doctor, played a guessing humming game while waiting at an appointment, and played the “guess the family member” game while riding to church last Sunday morning thanks to the app notifications.

I am SO glad that my sister mentioned this app to me.  I love how simple it is.

Go download it onto your phone (FREE) and check it every day.
Make each day count!

My All-Time Favorite Kid’s CD

I grew up listening to Hide ‘Em in Your Heart, Vol. 1 & 2 but had nearly forgotten all about it until my sister gave me the two-for-one CD for Christmas.

My first thought was, I’m going to be so sad if my kids don’t like it.

So, before I popped it in my CD player,  I said “Guess what?!?  This was mommy’s favorite music when I was a kid, and now we can learn the songs and listen to it together!”

Then I skipped right to my two favorite songs as a kid:  “God loves a Cheerful Giver” and “Encourage One Another.”

At first, my kids ONLY wanted to listen to those songs for the first day or two, but then as the songs played without them noticing, they eventually fell in love with ALL of the songs.

This CD has been a GREAT teaching tool because when my little girl is afraid of “sharks” and “alligators” at night, we sing “When I am afraid, I will trust in HIM.”

Or, when they are complaining, I sing “Do everything without complaining.”

It is a great way to introduce and memorize Scripture naturally and regularly which is my favorite way to do things.

My kids are under 5 so it is really appropriate for them, but I remember liking this CD as a 10 year old child.  I can’t promise that your kids will love it because I know Kid’s bop and Disney music are kid favorites these days, but it is worth a try because the content it priceless.

I hope you like it as much as we do!

riding in the car

DIY Ribbon Streamers {With Music Recommendations}

I know y’all are probably burnt out on all-things-present-related.

But, I did want to share a simple idea that was a hit in our house and it doesn’t have to be packaged as a present…my DIY ribbon streamers.

dancing with ribbon streamers

I made ribbon streamers for my nieces and my kiddos because my friend Eliza uses them in her music classes and they are just too perfect for little movers and shakers.

Case in point:

They are SO easy to make and the materials can be found anywhere, but I bought mine at Walmart {with the exception of my ribbon which I bought at Hobby Lobby when they had a half off sale}:

You just need ribbon, scissors (which didn’t make it in the picture because I do everything in a hurry), a lighter, bangles (bracelets), and a hot glue gun is optional.


I picked out 5 different color spools and this made 7 ribbon streamers.


I double-knotted each ribbon onto the bangles


Then I cut them about the same length – about 12-14 inches from the bracelet.


Finally, I burnt the edges with a lighter so they wouldn’t fray.

(I took a picture but I can’t find it)…once again I do everything in a hurry.

My kids love to dance to this CD at all times:

50 Fun Songs with Mr. Ray Activity Kit (Packaged in carrying case with Stickers, Crayons and Coloring Book)

But, Johnette Downing’s Scarf Activity Songs CD is my favorite to use scarves or ribbons streamers to dance to because the lyrics give directions for moving with the scarves/streamers:

The Second Line - Scarf Activity Songs

I also gave my niece the idea to make these with her school colors for spirit week so it is a great gift for older kids as well!  It’s a modern lemonade-stand-idea for all those little entrepreneurs out there.

You can make these for your kids or “Pin” for a future gift idea, but either way this is our new favorite dancing accessory so it’s worth sharing! 🙂

5 Nativity Favorites for Kids

Chatting with my friend Allie this morning about the kid’s nativity sets and books that our kids love, I knew I needed to share all of our favorites along with Part 1 of the Nativity Templates I made.

Allie really recommends this one:

Fisher-Price Little People Nativity Playset

Her kids play with it a lot and sing along to the music.  It lights up so they like to play with with the lights off too.

I want this (I love advent calendars and felt boards):

Kubla Crafts Nativity Fabric Advent Calendar


Here are the 3 books we absolutely LOVE (see if your local library has them):

Finally, here is Part One of the templates that I made as an extension activity to all that you are doing learning about the birth of Jesus:

Nativity Previews.009

The templates I made are GREAT to use as play dough mats, dry-erase tracing mats, patterns to put along side your paper as you draw the pictures shape by shape, and using for construction paper art.

angel template

This Part 1 of the templates include: Joseph and Mary, an Angel, a Star, and baby Jesus.

nativity templates

It is included in my membership because I sell this template set on TeachersPayTeachers, but you can get it included in the membership for just $5 right now (limited time price).

Here is a quick little YouTube video for using the angel template:

Do You Have A Favorite Thanksgiving Movie?

This week, I re-discovered and had nearly forgotten about “Charlie Brown: The Mayflower Voyagers.”

The Mayflower Voyagers (This Is America, Charlie Brown) [VHS]

Sean Patrick is only 3 1/2 but we watched “The Mayflower Voyagers” and discussed the entire movie while it was on.  This movie is perfect and appropriate for young kids, but it is meaningful for all ages.

By pointing out all of the details, he stayed engaged and interested.

I said things like “OOhhh look! A map!  Do you see the land and the water?” (I paused the movie for a second to point these out).

And then, “Oooh a ship!  That ship has a special name called the Mayflower.  It is going to take the Pilgrims to America.  Would you want to ride on that ship?”

You get the point.

I talk to him a lot during the movie and he really enjoys the commentary, though I know most of you would go NUTS if someone talked the whole way through a movie haha; I understand.

But, for little ones… the dialogue helps them to process what is going on and helps them to put all the pieces together.

Discussing the details also helps children store the information for better memory recall, and helps children to get a better grasp on story elements like setting, plot, characters, major events, and all the underlying details that build comprehension.

This specific movie is currently on Netflix, which is great because (unless you check this out at your local library or find it at a grocery store) it is not too affordable online.

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