Get Ready For Winter {Printable}

Tomorrow is the first day of winter.

I know that this is true, but if I walk outside of my Louisiana home right now I could easily work up a sweat.

Still, I was excited to get ready (a day early) and have my kids paint the letters that spell out WINTER and display the season in our playroom over all of our Christmasy art.

Winter Letters

Is Christmasy a word?  I use it a lot.

I printed this printable and pulled out my paints.

winter letters preview

We painted the letters “W” and “T” dark blue.

Painting W and T

We painted the letters “I” and “E” light blue.

Painting I and E

And we painted the letters “N” and “R” gray.

Painting N and R

I deemed these wintry colors.

Is wintry a word?  I don’t have time to “google” this stuff y’all.

You could probably back these letters to construction paper to make this even cuter, which I might do when my life slows down.  Don’t wait up.

HERE is the printable

When You Don’t Have Time For Gift Tags

I love labels. I have a pack of multi-purpose labels (sheet of 30) that are 2 5/8″ x 1″ that I use for a lot of things.

Christmas Colored Labels

I use them to print addresses so that I can quickly peel and stick before sending out Christmas cards.

I use them to label my kid’s stuff (like school supplies).

I will now use them in place of gift tags because I can either pre-make them with a little cute “To:” or “From” by editing my PDF and inserting a text box OR I can simply write my little message on the labels.

Every printer is different so it may take a second to make sure these line up properly. I think I choose “Fit” and “Borderless.”

Another reason this is my printable today is because your child can write on these and it’s okay if he/she messes up a few times to get it right.

These could also  be the perfect way to give classmates or neighbors gifts.  Stick a little label that says “Stay warm, but stay cool” on the outside of a box of hot chocolate.  Or, stick one that says “I just popped in to say Merry Christmas” on a package of Pop Corn.

You get the idea.  Enjoy!

This printable is included in my membership but I sell it for just 50 cents HERE if you would rather.

This printable is on my “Seasonal Printables” Page under the members page.

Great Last-Minute Christmas Gift From Kids

I’m excited about today’s printable, but I’m even more excited to see what you artsy people will do with it.

If you use this Christmas Gift Template SHARE your child’s finished work on our Facebook page because our favorites will get a free link to their choice of Member-only Christmas Printables or playroom labels of your choice. 😉

I made a template as a gift for Grandparents:

Christmas Tree Message.001

And for parents:

Christmas Tree Message.002

But if you e-mail me with a specific request (aunts and uncles, cousins, special grandparents names like MeMe and Poppy etc.)  I may be able to help out.

Casey had the idea to: take a crayola marker and paint your child’s thumb red and do thumbprints at the end of every line (tree branch)… make little “ornaments” out of the thumb prints.  You could make them all red, or do different colors.  Turn it into a thumbprint tree 🙂

My friend Allie had the idea to possibly have her kids paint this and modge podge it onto a small canvas.

I am thinking I might have my kiddos decorate it and place it on a frame with a clothespin glued onto the top so that the art could be interchangeable.  I got the frame idea from Allie when I visited her playroom – I’ll post pictures when I make that happen!

Whatever you come up with, don’t forget to SHARE your work so that we can feature our favorites here (updating this post) and offer you our Christmas Printables or Playroom Labels for free!

A Party Favor for your Christmas Parties

reindeer tag .002


I decided to make a baggie of reindeer food (oats and glitter) for each child in my son’s class and instead of googling forever to see what was out there I decided to make my own tags.

So, I made these tags AND a checklist for the kids to have a little task list for their job to feed the reindeer.

Reindeer Tags.001

Here it is! Enjoy (and share) this freebie.

Christmas Math Pack

Making these math pages reminded me of the homework I used to send home when I was teaching.  In fact, I actually made this because there was a parent whose child WANTED homework, but wasn’t getting any sent home in his folder as the holidays were approaching.

christmas math preview.001



Yes, I realize that not everyone would want homework (or homework like this) sent home.  But, I think everything is what you make of it, and I used to make these fun through the dialogue we would have and all the ways we would come up with to discover the answers to these “problems.”

Pages like this can get a bad wrap (pun intended).

If recording sheets are coined as “work sheets” then that can suggest that they are used in boring ways to accomplish boring tasks.

I would like to suggest that when counting the presents we would give each tree a child’s name and we are going to be Santa’s helpers to count how many presents are under each tree and take an inventory so we can report back to Santa how many presents each child received.

And for the one with the ornaments we are in charge of decorating the North Pole Christmas trees and we have to record how many decorations we used on each tree so we can keep track of them to use again next year.

You can also use these to teach the importance of taking your time, checking your work, and other similar skills that are important for hard workers.  If the elves weren’t hard workers Christmas just wouldn’t be the same.

This four-page printable is included in my membership because I sell in on TeachersPayTeachers, but if you check out my membership you might be shocked about how much you are getting for such a quick and easy deal.


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