We are Thankful for…

Last week, I had the extreme privilege of subbing for my son’s 1st grade classroom for the afternoon.  This Mommy Teacher really misses the classroom so I was really excited to jump back in… if only for a little over 3 hours.

Well, it just so happened, that I had planned a Thanksgiving craft with my kids that evening, so I decided to bring some supplies and do it with James’ class, too… after all, this was one of my favorite activities to do in my own classroom each November…

I spoke to the kids about the month of November and it being a time to give thanks.  I explained what thankfulness is and gave some reasons about why I was thankful.  I then had each of the students say one thing that they were thankful for… guiding those who couldn’t think of something new.  My favorite?  “I am thankful for opportunities to be helpful,” referencing the different tasks the classroom helpers rotate each week. (And, of course, James being thankful for his mom ranks pretty high, too!)


I cut feathers out of construction paper and gave 3 to each student.  The students had to come up with 3 things they were thankful for and write each on one of their feathers.   At the end of our activity, we glued the feathers down and had a beautiful turkey!  It gave James a great picture of what our own finished turkey would look like after 28 days…

That’s right, we are taking the whole month to make our turkey… two feathers at a time (one for each of my boys).


Day 1:  James (6) is thankful for his little sister, and Leyson (4) is thankful for, well, Leyson!  Since we are a few days into November, use your first day you do this activity to play catch up to get the kids used to talking about things they are thankful for.

One thing I am thankful for?  All of our wonderful mommy teachers out there!  Thank you for stopping by The Mommy Teacher!  Please share your Thanksgiving crafts with us on Facebook!

UPDATE:  This is Jessica (The not-artsy Mommy Teacher) wanting to share the printable I made tonight so that I could do this tomorrow.  This is for the UN-artistic people who want to do this 😉 – (cough cough) namely for me and my kids !

Turkey Template


Click here: Turkey Template Printable to get the simple turkey template for this activity  OR click on the image above! 😉


What I Have Been Up To lately…

I will probably be bombarding you with lots and lots of things I have been up to in the last month…

My first trimester had me bed-ridden after work, but I am 13 weeks now and feeling SO much better!

I used a lot of fun pinterest activities to gear up for Thanksgiving, so check out my Pinterest board “November Activities” to see a little of what I was up to.

We also made a classbook called “Save a Turkey” where each child drew a picture to brainstorm things that a turkey might say to get others to stay away: Eat more chicken, eat more beef, eat more fish, etc.

We did a lot of different activities about what we were thankful for.

We did math stories on a barn template to find out how many turkeys there were all together “4 on the barn, 1 on the ground….5 all together” re-stated “4 AND 1 IS 5.”

We played Gobble! Where we had words we know by site on turkeys that we flipped over to read and keep if we knew them, but if someone drew the word “Gobble” they had to put all their cards back.

We made Fall trees by painting with q-tips and fall colors.

And a lot of other little things here and there that I may add to this post (with pictures) soon….if I can gear up for it.

I will share my December activities soon 🙂

Glad to be back!

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