My niece’s birthday is right around the corner so I am making her a book; I decided to share a sneak peek with my mommy teachers.

These are some of the materials I am using:

magazine tear-outs


scrapbook paper

hole-punch (and a drill for the cardboard)

24″ x 12″ piece of cardboard

I cut a cardboard box that creased in the middle into a 24″ x 12″ foldable.  Then I covered the outside and inside with cute scrapbook paper and a fun little title “Things To Do Just Me and You.”

 I asked my husband to drill holes though the entire book (minus the pages) that I will use to bind the book with a ribbon.  I am going to hole punch the pages for cleaner lines.


Next, I decorated the inside with pictures that I cut out from magazines.  Each page will have a little date idea for us.  This page is going to say: “We can pick out your birthday cake” and “We can go to the candy shop.”

This page is going to say something like: “We can make ice cream cones.”

Each page is going to begin with “we can” so that some of the text will be repetitive and the rest of the text will require her to use her reading strategies.  I will share the final product when I get it done, but for now I hope this idea gives you a fun craft-book idea to make with/for your little one.


Last Year’s Fourth of July….to Inspire :)

Every year my sister throws a Fourth of July party at her house, but last year was extra special.  My sister and I, and our families, got to celebrate Independence Day with our two precious newborns….born just two days apart!

We enjoyed a lot of good food, swimming, and fireworks while my little man enjoyed his floatie:

My husband and I had some time to enjoy the fireworks that night with so many family members around to hold the baby:

And this year will be another special party at my sister’s house that I am looking forward to.  We made the meal plan and being that I am four months pregnant I picked what I was going to bring based on my cravings.

But last year I made this:

It may not look this “neat” if you let your little ones help you make it, but I thought that a fruit pizza flag would be SUCH a great cooking activity….especially with all the teaching opportunities here.  Put candles in it and sing Happy Birthday to our country, Explain the symbolism of the American flag, counting out the stars and stripes, measure the cake pan and try to fill the whole area, cut the strawberries in “half” making twice as many pieces, and measure out the amounts to make and stir the icing from scratch….I just used sugar cookie dough for the base 🙂

So, Happy Fourth of July Friends!  Make memories and share them on the Mommy Teacher Facebook Page!!!!

Father’s Day Ideas from Kidspired Creations

As I was brainstorming some fun and educational activity ideas for you Mommy Teachers for Father’s Day, I couldn’t get Casey’s ideas out of my head so I wanted to share them with you all.

Not only did she share her very own Father’s Day Craft idea HERE that I thought was so perfect, but she also has a project for Teachers that I thought is a perfect Father’s Day gift for the office as well….  Check it out HERE.

You can put your own personal touch on these projects, as far as the materials go, but these ideas are too great to pass up.

You need to read about these ideas but here is a sneak peak:


Easter Design for Development

Lauren Haddox Design has been so generous to make all my Mommy Teachers an activity page to work on with your little one between now and Easter! Lauren designs all my invitations, logos, everything…check out her etsy shop to see some of her designs.  Thanks so much Lauren 🙂

Below is the Easter-themed template Lauren created and every time she contributes a design I am going to refer to it as a “Design for Development” because she is a professional creating a design to benefit your child’s development.  The template is a black and white template for a reason:  Your child is going to “color” it, but this isn’t just any old color sheet; this is an ACTIVITY sheet.  Underneath the template link I left some tips on how you can guide your little one through the template to make it more purposeful and meaningful.  I hope you have a great experience with this Easter activity!


1.  Name all the letters that you know in the words “Hoppy Easter!”

2. Can you color the letters in a rainbow pattern?

3.  How many dots are on the egg?

4.  What color starts with the same sound as grass? (green)

5.  How many whiskers does the bunny have all together? (3 and 3 more is 6!)

6.  What shapes do you see in the picture?

7.  Which word is longer…hoppy or easter?  (easter) Which has fewer letters? (hoppy)

Here is a glimpse of what it looks like:


Picture Book

I know you must have so many pictures on your computer that get stored over time into various files.  Well today, I am going to ask you to open the files and print the pictures.  I know I know, crazy thought that you might put your pictures to use, but hey, your kids will thank you later.

For the sake of this activity, print a handful of pictures, individually, into a word document.  After you print each image out (one image per page), you are going to ask your little one to help you put the events in order.

Let’s say you choose your Easter Day File.  You will ask your little one to remember Easter day.  What did we do FIRST on Easter?  And then?  Etc.  until all the events follow some kind of sequence.  After sequencing the images, you will assemble the pages into a little “booklet” by stapling it on the left side a few times, or hole punch, fastening with ties (however you want to do it as long as it opens “like a book”).

Then, you will ask your little one to help you write a story about your Easter Day, a sentence for each picture.  You will practically just write verbatim what he/she tells you, unless you would like to take the opportunity to “re-phrase” it to make it “sound more like a book,” but re-reading it later using your child’s words is a really special keepsake.

I am going to use my neice’s pictures from Easter from four years ago using my words to give you an example of what I mean:

Mmmm….The Easter Bunny filled my basket with candy.

I got ready for church in my new Easter dress!

When we got back from church, Mommy and Daddy let me dye Easter eggs!

Before I went to bed, I dressed up like the Easter bunny and ate my bunny snack.

*This activity of book-making is a great way to teach sequencing, model writing, and introduce print concepts.  Book-making using your child’s pictures in place of illustrations also makes print more meaningful to your little reader.

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