Writing with a twist!

Writing can be such an exciting thing for a little one, but it can also be frustrating and even painful. Yes, painful. Just like when your hand gets a cramp after you have been writing for a little while, children have not used those little muscles in their hands much. So, they need to develop their fine motor skills before they have the endurance and coordination needed to write. If you want to give your child a chance to develop those fine motor skills, give him/her plenty of informal writing time (coloring, chalking, stenciling, etc), but be sensitive if your little one wants a break. There are so many ways to exercise their little hands to prime for writing –including cutting with scissors….Yep! Let them cut with a child-safe scissors (monitoring of course) – watch how they hold the scissors…you will be surprised that they need a lot of assistance….be patient! At first, don’t even give them things to cut out, just ask them to cut up lots of paper. I always explain to my students that there is a time and place for everything so this is their chance to “be out of control” because I don’t want them cutting up just any paper any time making a mess when I haven’t planned for it haha.
Activity: Trace name, decorate and cut fringe on their “crown.”
Step 1: Fold a piece of paper, cardstock, or construction paper in thirds. I didn’t get out the ruler and measure ya’ll, but if you are a perfectionist…measure away!
Step 2: Cut along folded lines. I didn’t get out my paper cutter either, but by all means…
Step 3: Staple –or tape- the ends together. I staple with the flat side on the inside of the strip so it doesn’t irritate their forehead.
Step 4: Freehand a dot-to-dot of their name for them to trace.
Step 5: Let them decorate! Remember that even scribbling works those little muscles in their hand.
Step 6: Let them cut “little bites” all around the top…you may have to hold their hand to help. Then let them ruffle the edge.
Step 7: Measure their head with the strip and hold your place where you need to staple/tape.
Step 8: Give them some “Queen” or “King for the day” choices 🙂
*My 6 month old son had to model my hat haha

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