Favorite Christmas Traditions

I made a printable to piggyback this morning’s post…. you should definitely go back and read it if you haven’t had a chance!

Or, you can always “Pin It” and save it to read later. 😉

I made a journal template for Christmas traditions so that you could help your kids write out their traditions as a keepsake, but I decided that I am going to print one for myself.

I want my kids to get to see what my childhood traditions were so they could learn a little and yes, even compare the traditions from my childhood to theirs.

So, here it is:

Favorite Traditions Journal

Oh, and Stick these in a folder or binder with sheet protectors so you can always add pictures later!

Guiding Santa’s Sleigh {Creative Writing}


I was reading this book:

Who Will Guide My Sleigh Tonight?

and I’m in the 24 days of Christmas Printables mode.

So, I decided to give make a template for it… meanwhile I have “Run, Run, Rudolph” stuck in my head and I don’t know any of the other lyrics.

This template can be used however you would like.  You can white-out my writing prompt if you come up with a better idea for it (and if you do, please share it).

But, I am using it as a creative writing (or drawing) template to do after reading the adorable book “Who will guide my sleigh tonight?”

Click HERE if ya want it!

Draw Mrs Claus A Picture For Her Fridge

If I were Santa’s wife, I would be saying “Yoo Hoo…over here. You think he could do anything without his supportive wifey at the North Pole?”

I mean, the girl deserves some credit too.

I thought it would be so sweet for kids to start drawing a picture for her fridge at the North Pole.

I made two templates….

Write Letters To Mrs Claus

One with most of the letter written out, but with a prompt that the drawing will be on the back of the letter:

Have your child draw a Picture on the back of this letter to Mrs. Claus!

And the second with space for writing on the back:

Your child can write a letter or draw a picture for the Mrs. too!


Click HERE to get the templates for free. 🙂

Letter To Santa Template

Better late than never right?

If you have already helped your children write their letters to Santa then you can always pin this  for next year.

I wanted to make a template that prompted my little ones to be self-reflective and appreciative.

Dear Santa Template

Hope you like it!  Click Here to get it!

Christmas Wishlist Templates {Freebie}

I’m sure some of you have already had your kiddos write a wish list and a letter to Santa, but I haven’t yet!
So, today’s printable is the wish-list templates.  Tomorrow’s is a Santa Template… both sets Free! 🙂

wishlist templates for fb.001

The first page of the template has the numbers 1 to 3 because I made a decision early-on that I was going to give each of my kids three gifts every year (just like the Wisemen 🙂 ).

Wishlist Template SS.001

But, I also included a blank template for all of you big spenders.

Wishlist Template.002

Click on the pictures above or click My Wishlist Template to get the template.

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