Cheap and Easy, Easter Bunny Gift Baggie

I found this idea in my teacher stash of Easter activities.  I almost always have paper bags, glue, markers, contruction paper, and scissors in my playroom cubbies.  So, for me, this was just a “sweep-the-playroom” kind of activity.

I wanted to put a little Easter picture inside of a little gift bag for Sean Patrick’s grandma and great-grandma.
Way better than a gift bag was this little craft idea I found in my teacher shed (the one on the left is my “example” and the one on the right is the one Sean Patrick made):


I just Cut a dip in the top of a brown bag (the side that opens) to so it left a shape that resembles a bunny.  You could cut a rectangle out of  the middle of the top of the bag if you don’t want them to be as rounded. (A white paper bag would be super cute too, but I was out).


I used pink, blue, & black construction paper to make the eyes, inner ears, nose, & whiskers.


Sean Patrick wanted to color it first of course (red is his favorite color if you haven’t guessed by now).


I always include my little bed-head one year old too.  (they are both shirt-less because I wanted to keep their cute shirts clean).


I then helped him cut/tear and glue little pieces of pink paper to a gluey oval in the inner ear.  Then he glued the eyes and nose (“just a dot, not a lot”)…. I glued the whiskers because I couldn’t find my glue stick which would be easier for him.


After we finished glueing, I grabbed a black marker, took his hand and guided him to make the pupil of the bunny’s eyes, the eyelashes, the little dots around the nose, and the mouth.


That was it!
We wrote a note from “Sean Patrick” on the back.
We put some Easter grass, starburst candies in some eggs, and the pictures inside & he will give them out when he sees them for Easter!


You can always add to it and share your ideas on facebook (like a cotton ball on the backside):

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