Comparing Quantities

I am NOT fancy; simple is more doable for everyone 🙂

 Here is a SIMPLE activity to practice counting, comparing, and using a chart/table to record information.

You may notice that I went with “take one” here haha.  I have a reason for that, I am not trying to impress film-makers or people who give presentations regularly.  I am a mommy teacher myself and I am just sharing ideas from one mom to another and I want it to be as authentic as possible 🙂

However, I did forget to mention one thing in the video!  If your little one doesn’t know which number is greater or smaller then there are ways to help them figure this out….turn the activity into another teachable moment:

Show your little one a number line and explain that one is the smallest number amount and the amount grows as the numbers get higher.  Show your little one using skittles or something they would rather have the greater number of.  So, would you rather have 1 skittle or 2 skittles….probably the pile with MORE skittles!  And then explain that 12 skittles is more than 11 skittles.  I will write a post soon about how to teach more or less so that your little one will gain experience with comparing quantities 🙂

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