Counting Book Graph

Today’s math skill is going to incorporate number sense, by counting and writing the numeral that represents the group of objects, in a mommy/daddy teacher-made graph.  Whew! That was a mouthful, but this it is because this activity is packed with opportunities for extensions and repetition.

YOU are going to look through a counting book (or other family favorite book with pictures) and then fill in the first two columns of a graph with the animal/object names and images for your little one to search through the book to find and count.   My example is below from the book “Count!”, but you can free-hand the image….it doesn’t have to be perfect.  Your goal is to give your little one a researching task that causes them to find, count, and write the information into the correct spaces on the graph.  You will be there, by their side, helping with this task.  Your little one doesn’t have to sound out the number word in order to write it….he/she can use their book resource to write the numbers and spell the number words.

This is a great counting book extension to give your little one an independent activity to do and to learn from.

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