Creative Writing

Just a few days ago, I re-discovered my creative writing folder from my childhood and I LOVED this:

Rebus books that use pictures in place of words are usually for beginners to focus on a minimal amount of words on each page and use pictures as well as words within the print so that a beginner can see that words and pictures BOTH communicate meaning.  That is one reason why I loved this creative “stamp story” (as I call it) because I was trying to tell a story using the stamp characters I had.

This would be such a fun writing activity for you to work on with your little one!  If your little one is not yet “writing”  –  allow them to dictate the story to you and help you “write” when they can.  You can substitute stamps with whatever you have in your house…..stickers, pictures (cut up double of family members and pets), magazine cut outs, etc.

This activity has so many possibilities that I would love for you to SHARE what you and your little one come up with on The Mommy Teacher Facebook Page


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