Disclosure Policy

Disclosure Policy

The Mommy Teacher has been a passion and a hobby of mine since 2010.  I started this blog to help others and to share as much as I possibly can through this venue.

This hobby did not become a business until August 2013 when I became a seller on teacherspayteachers and wanted to make the same resources available to my readers at The Mommy Teacher.

I have plenty of expenses maintaining this site, but it is a blessing to offer my resources at affordable prices for moms like me who want to be good stewards of their families.

I maintain The Mommy Teacher and add content and resources to it as often as I can, but this blog is about my purposed, intentional, and meaningful time with my kids so I never want to compromise my integrity at the cost of trying to meet the expectations of others.

I am open to monetary opportunities that present themselves, but I will not compromise the needs of my readers for monetary gains.

I love to hear from my readers but I can not promise that I will always be able to respond; though I will do my best to keep up.

Last updated November 2013.

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