Does your kid love “potty” words?

After writing Monday’s post, I thought a little more about my tactics over the last few months to resolve so many of our conversations with my four year old that turn into “Poo-Poo Stink Face.”   Sound familiar?

Sean Patrick speaking at camera

Since one of the first times I heard my son use a “potty word” I told him to go spit it in the potty.

I don’t like to rule out his favorite words entirely, but just giving him a designated space where he can let it all out has spared the rest of us from hearing them as often.

I have always been about CONTEXT:  There is a time and a place for lots of things.  Use wisdom here folks… if the future of a behavior leads to serious issues then avoid it all together!  But, here are kid-friendly examples that I am talking about:

If my kids are climbing on me then I will say “You can climb on monkey bars, but not on mommy.”

If my kids are kicking: “You can kick a soccer ball, but not a person.”

If my kids are biting: “You can bite food, but not your brother’s finger.” (CHARLIE!)

You get the picture.

I don’t want them to GLORIFY any one word or behavior because of their lack of being able to use it.

So, I would rather give them a place to use it.

BUT, that then means that I have to follow up with my child:

Sternly, but calmly “Sean Patrick, that is a potty word. If you want to use that word you need to go to the potty and say it into the potty where no one else can hear it but the potty.

If he does it again, “Sean Patrick, what kind of word is that?” (Wait for him to tell me).  “That’s right, and where does it belong?” (In the potty).

If he does it again, I would bring him to his room to “take a break.”

I know this is so silly to write an entire post about, but it has been encouraging to see that he is okay not using a word or behavior in other settings when he has a place to use it if he gets the itch to.

Now, when he gets around another silly, potty-word-using kiddo, all of my influence seems to go out the window, but… it just gives me a chance to remind him about our little family policy.

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