Don’t Pass Up The Chance to Teach SOMEthing today…

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day y’all!  Today is packed with purpose, historical and monumental.

So many great discussions can take place in your house on Inauguration Day; AND, who could pass up the chance to celebrate the day that we remember such a powerful figure in the Civil Rights Movement…. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

I had to pass along one example of a teachable moment from today to inspire you…. my friend Casey with Kidspired Creations…. writes on her personal blog… about her teaching moment.

It is a quick read, but I mean, if this doesn’t inspire you I don’t know what will!

I didn’t snap pictures from today, but with my two year old I mostly introduced vocabulary today while we watched the Inauguration…. like “President” and “Speech.”  etc.

I shared the following picture on my facebook page but I wanted to also share it here.  My kindergarteners made these simple books (from an idea on pinterest) and it is a beautiful depiction that we are in fact created equal.

(She wasn’t finished coloring but I think the way she colored the clothing too is adorable )

God Bless America!

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