Even More to Learn About Rhyming

There are 3 different rhyming skills:

1) Listening to words and identifying whether or not they rhyme:  Do these words rhyme: “cat/rat”? ; Do these words rhyme: “hot/shoe”?

2) Listening to rhyming words and coming up with another one: “mop, stop, ________”  (Even if they say a made up word like shlop.)

3) Coming up with a rhyming word for a single word: “Can you think of a word that rhymes with day?”

My earlier rhyming posts are both activities that fall into the first category of the rhyming skills because both activities are made to listen for and identify whether or not the words rhyme.

Once your child can tell you whether or not words rhyme (skill #1), you want to practice activities that will help them to create rhymes. 

Click on the link for an activity for skill #2:

Create A Rhyme

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