FaVoRiTe Book(s)

Sean Patrick has more than one “Favorite” book.  In fact, the other day I bought a book and before I read it to him he said, “Mom, read me this one.  It’s my favorite book.”

So, as you can tell, he isn’t very credible if you are to ask him about his favorite book.  But, I can pretty much guess his favorite book(s) based on the ones he asks me to read to him OVER and OVER again 😉  I actually enjoy teaching him new things each time but sometimes I find a gem in the book that makes for the best teaching experiences.  And here is one example:

We have been reading “Curious George Makes Pancakes” a lot lately.

I always seem to look for extension activities but the following page jumped out at me because it provided the perfect set up for sequencing and retelling.

I made a copy of the page that showed how George made the pancakes (onto a piece of cardstock that I keep handy in my desk).

Then I split the page into the four steps (yikes I need a new color ink cartridge!) so that I could display them in our kitchen when we make pancakes:

When SP is a little older I will use them as sequencing cards (to observe his thought process as he orders the steps), and as retelling cards to tell me how to make pancakes.

Hope this inspires you to find extension activities in your little one’s favorite books.  If so, please share on my fb page!

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