Firework Writing

This morning when I was re-playing the 4th of July in my mind, and thinking It’s time to share a writing activity with my Mommy Teachers, I had an idea…how much fun would it be for little ones to write about and/or draw fireworks?  And when I was thinking about a good “writing tool” for this activity I thought about the Q-tip.  Let your little ones paint with a q-tip and then sprinkle glitter on top of their picture.  Then, when it dries they have the perfect snapshot to “write about” – with your help of course.

This might sound like a headache because it is “messy,” but just lay down a bunch of newspaper and don’t sweat the mess because kids need these experiences for their creativity to blossom.

I found these q-tips if you want to dip the whole thing in paint and then lay it down in all directions to make it look like fireworks flares.

Me, My husband, and our one year old on the levee, overlooking the Mississippi this HOT fourth of July day 🙂

Some fireworks to jog your little one’s memory!


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