Great Last-Minute Christmas Gift From Kids

I’m excited about today’s printable, but I’m even more excited to see what you artsy people will do with it.

If you use this Christmas Gift Template SHARE your child’s finished work on our Facebook page because our favorites will get a free link to their choice of Member-only Christmas Printables or playroom labels of your choice. 😉

I made a template as a gift for Grandparents:

Christmas Tree Message.001

And for parents:

Christmas Tree Message.002

But if you e-mail me with a specific request (aunts and uncles, cousins, special grandparents names like MeMe and Poppy etc.)  I may be able to help out.

Casey had the idea to: take a crayola marker and paint your child’s thumb red and do thumbprints at the end of every line (tree branch)… make little “ornaments” out of the thumb prints.  You could make them all red, or do different colors.  Turn it into a thumbprint tree 🙂

My friend Allie had the idea to possibly have her kids paint this and modge podge it onto a small canvas.

I am thinking I might have my kiddos decorate it and place it on a frame with a clothespin glued onto the top so that the art could be interchangeable.  I got the frame idea from Allie when I visited her playroom – I’ll post pictures when I make that happen!

Whatever you come up with, don’t forget to SHARE your work so that we can feature our favorites here (updating this post) and offer you our Christmas Printables or Playroom Labels for free!

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