Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Give thanks!!!!
I am giving thanks that I am in HAWAII!!! I can’t believe it; it is beautiful and breath-taking. My husband would be baffled to know that I am online today haha, but when you have been awake since 4 am with a 6 month old who hasn’t adjusted to the timezone change, unplanned things happen.  But I can assure you I won’t be back online to post again until Monday, when I am home from vacation 🙂

Depending on your timezone, you have probably already eaten your Thanksgiving lunch, but I am just now eating breakfast; maybe you can do some of my activity ideas after your nap 🙂

1. Count your blessings.
2. Count the place settings.
3. See how many circles and squares you can count on your dinner table. (plates, the table, napkins, etc.) Make a tally of each and figure out which has more.

1. Let your child help make name plates
2. Make a list of all the things your child ate/tasted at lunch.

1. Read them your list -from the writing idea (#1), pointing to the items on the list as you read aloud. This gives meaning to the print, introduces a list which is something we will talk about in a future post, and if you sound out the first sound in each word right before you read the word it can be a phonemic awareness activity which just means that it gives children awareness that letters have sounds. So read your list like this: “/t//t/ turkey”, /r//r/ rolls,” etc. When you see a letter in // it means to say the letter’s sound.


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