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This weekend we went to a birthday party for a big boy 4 year old!  Now, since I have 5 and 3 year old boys, I am all too familiar with the likes and interests for little boys this age.  It can be pretty frustrating, actually.  You buy a gift that is say, $20, and they are more interested in playing with the plastic parts, twist ties and cardboard packaging that it came in.

Two Christmases ago, we hit the idea jackpot for least expensive Santa gift ever… a spy kit!  I bought cheap canvas backpacks from Hobby Lobby for $10 a piece and ironed on letters that spelled Agent J and Agent L.  Then I filled them with all sorts of random junk from the Dollar Store!  $30 per child… not bad at all!  So before I went to the store, I was searching the house, trying to decide what my boys’ FAVORITE toys are, and what did I see littered all over my messy house?  The contents of their spy kits!  I think a Mini-Spy Kit is PERFECT for Austin, the birthday boy!

And BONUS:  the idea of a spy kit encourages imaginative or pretend play which is really important for your child’s Physical, Linguistic, Emotional, Academic and Social Education (PLEASE) and development.  Here is a great article on the importance of Imaginative Play in Early Childhood.

Agent A is now an official member of SKIP (Spy Kit Imaginative Play)!


All secret agents need to have sole access to their kits via a thumb scan and number code.




Contents: bungee cords, tape measure, shoe laces, combination lock, glow sticks, flashlight, ear phones, watch, calculator, slingshot, mustaches (to maintain their secret identities), key clamps, safety glasses. You can add as many or as few items as you wish!


I taped this letter to the top and copied the text below. Feel free to copy and paste this into a word document, add your own agent names and print for your own use!  You’re welcome!

Free for your own use to copy and paste in a word document.  Remember to replace the bold words to meet your needs:

Agent A:

Congratulations!  Now that you are 4 years old you are officially a spy for SKIP (Spy Kids Imaginative Play)!  This spy kit will equip you with anything you may need to carry out your secret spy missions.  Beware!  Do not blow your cover!  Inside your kit you will find mustaches so you can maintain your secret identity at all times.

Only you will be able to access the materials inside of your kit.  You must first put your left thumb on the thumb scan on top of your box.  Then you must press the access code.  We will tell you this code once, and only once.  Please memorize it and tell no one!  The secret access code is 1 2 3 4.

Welcome to the club, Agent.  We know that you will be a good spy and will have many successful missions.

Happy Birthday,

Agents of the SKIP Academy

Agent J, Agent Capital L, and Agent-in-Training lowercase l

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