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I have some friends that apparently wanted to bring “snail mail” back into existence.

Two separate friends sent me a “this is not a chain letter” invitation to send ONE item to a little one and hopefully (if everyone cooperates) receive 36 items for my little one in return.  The idea was to mail a pack of stickers to the child in the number one spot, move the sender’s child’s name into the number one spot, my own child’s name in the number two spot, & mail the letter to 6 mommies.  The other letter was to do the same thing but with children’s books.  It sounds confusing, but its easy to understand when you read the “sticker club letter” that I received.

So, I have to admit when I received TWO of these on the same day, I thought “it’s because I’m The Mommy Teacher isn’t it?” as if they both knew that I couldn’t turn it down…. and they were right b/c I was inspired…
1) to mail out educational stickers and a book of my choice and
2) to come up with a few “stickers’ activity ideas” for those involved (which I will be posting soon!).

I think a snail mail “activity club” would be even cooler, but hey, I might pioneer that concept another day.  Today, I am focusing on the two “clubs” at hand.

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