Last minute Valentiners!

I am a certifiable procrastinator.  And I don’t know about you, but how many of you are running around like cupid trying to buy and fill out Valentine cards, buy candy and bake cookies all before tomorrow morning?!?

Well, simplify just a bit…if it is already too late for you….remember this tip for next year!

Here is a FREEBIE (as usual because that is how I roll)…

  1. Open Valentines Quick Templates I found on Microsoft
  2. Choose a POWERPOINT template that your child likes from the sidebar
  3. Download and Open
  4. When you click Print choose to print it as a HANDOUT with 6 slides per sheet
  5. Then Print them onto any colored paper/cardstock your child chooses
  6. Have your child write the students name first (with your help)
  7. Finally, have your child write their name on each card and voila!


***If your child cannot write well at all you can always insert text on the template such as to: and from: your child’s name in tracing font, but to save paper write the other children’s names yourself.

Cheap and easy and a writing activity to keep your child busy while you bake cookies!

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