Make A Name Chart

A lot of children want to know how to write someone’s name. They go around with a pen and paper and ask you how to spell whatever they want to write at the moment. Instead of telling them the letter, give them clues instead: the first letter makes the sound /b/, it is the second letter in the alphabet, it comes after the letter “A”, it starts with the same sound as ball, etc. 

Another way you can help them is to have them reference a Name Chart.  In my classroom, I used to make a Name Chart so that the children could compare the length of their names, the letters in their names, etc.  I would let them write each letter of their name, cut it our, and past it in letter order on the chart.  The children loved to use this to help them write their friend’s names when they drew a picture of their friend. 

But this can also be done in your house as a writing prompt.  Make it as a family and post it in the playroom or your child’s bedroom. 

1. Instead of buying and using a posterboard to display the names and faces just make a word document!

2. Insert a table if you would like to have the “numbers” row; don’t if you dont care for the way it looks.

3.  Insert a picture from a file and crop it until it shows only one face of a family member, friend, or pet.

4.  Ask your child help you find the letters on the keyboard as you type the names beside each picture.

5.  Print it, post it and voila (“there you have it”) a complete work of chART 🙂

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