Map It Out

Today’s activity is a combination of kindergarten grade level expectations in social studies, math, writing, and reading!  And it happens to be one your little one will love. 

You are going to create a simple map of your child’s room with your little one (this is the social studies skill).  And you are going to use shapes to draw items like the bed, rug, dresser, desk, lamp, etc. (math skill).  Then you are going to ask your little one to help you sound out the words to write on each space (reading skill), and then have your little one write the letters as you name them (writing skill).  You are going to bury a “treasure” like a candy or other treat in the room and write a small “x” in the place where you have hidden it.  Then your little one will use the map to figure out where the hidden treasure is. 

A very simple, yet educational, and extremely fun activity for your little one to do!  Share about your experience on the Mommy Teacher Facebook Page!

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