Newest Addition to TMT Family

Hey Mommy Teachers… this is TMT Jessica here.

We are so excited to welcome little one number three to our family….


Mckenzie Beth


Big brother and big sister are so excited!

As a Mommy Teacher, a lot has been going through my mind, and I wanted to share some of the teachable moments I have been purposing throughout the week with the NEWest addition:

1)  I have set some clear boundaries for the older two siblings and I am trying to be as consistent as possible with the follow through for my expectations.  They can touch her softly/gently but not on the face.  They can hold her with mommy’s supervision, and I have set other similar physical boundaries.  The kids also have to find something quietly to do while mommy feeds the new baby (typically, they each feed their own baby dolls during this time).  We have also changed the baby dolls diapers EVERY time we have changed Kenzie haha.

2)  They are learning so many great life lessons and teaching each other so many things… Sean Patrick is in charge of “reading” to Mckayla when she wants Mommy to hold her but I am rocking Kenzie to sleep.

reading to sissie

Sean Patrick’s version of the story…”Oooh Ooh a tiger”

3)  We cant get out much right now with a newborn so we are doing LOTS of music and movement (I will write about what we are doing this week) and we are playing in the backyard to get all our energy and wiggles out as well as swimming in the plastic pool, playing backyard sports, singing and dancing, jumping on the trampoline, etc.

4) We are learning about the differences between babies and ourselves (how they eat, sleep, what they can not to that big kids can do like walk, talk, etc.) and we have compared the letters in the kid’s names now that we have a new name to explore  (With play dough letter stencils and bath foam letters mostly).


One activity for older kids that I think is SO GREAT and I had to share as an idea for you to keep in your memory bank (or pinterest board) for when someone in your family or a close friend has a new baby is a “Tips for having a new baby” LIST.  My creative niece came up with some humorous tips that I should consider now that I have three young kids.  Her mommy teacher, my sister, supported her in this writing process and they even re-wrote it to make it more presentable – GREAT handwriting practice.   The night she came to visit us, she read it aloud (great presentation for reading, speaking clearly, and practicing “public speaking”).  It was REALLY thoughtful and adorable….It is now on my fridge. Read the tips below and enjoy!

Rough Draft

Here is her Rough Draft


Here is the re-written list of parenting tips ... from a 7 year old's point of view!

Here is the re-written list of parenting tips … from a 7 year old’s point of view!


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