Old Fashioned Card Games

Simplicity is my middle name so expect nothing less from today’s activity…QUALITY simplicity.  You will learn nothing new and inventive, but I will refresh your daily agenda with something I am hoping you will incorporate in today’s time with your little one.

Last time my friend Casey stopped by with her precious little boys we had some adult talk time and then she spent some time on the floor with James playing cards.  I love this about Casey….she is so intentional.

I saw the wheels’ turning as James was recognizing the numbers on the
cards, problem solving, and strategizing.

So, today or tonight, play “Go Fish” with store bought or hand-made cards, and incorporate good old fashioned family time into your night.  You can substitue any skill set based on what cards you choose (colors, shapes, alphabet, numbers, etc.)  Click Here for a description of 5 super traditional card games I found at about.com

This activity provides great opportunities for social development to teach your little one how to be a good sport, to encourage other players, and to be a positive player who does not have self pity in poor luck.

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