Patterns Round 4

I hope you aren’t sick of patterns yet…especially since this is all so new to your little one.  There will be subjects you are passionate about teaching, and hey, who knows, maybe patterns is one of them.  Not quite? Well, you cant say I didn’t try to persuade you.

Your child is going to continue with making any pattern of choice, but today you will encourage your little one to extend patterns after following an example, and make pattern arrangements without connecting the cubes.

I made pattern cards that I want you to print onto cardstock (for sturdiness) and cut out in strips. 

Then you are going to 1) show your little one how to copy and extend each pattern and 2) include your child as you extend the pattern (“hmmm…I wonder which would come next?”) 3) allow your little one to copy and extend them on their own.

Pattern Cards

Blank Pattern Cards

I attached a blank pattern card document in case you don’t have the colors I used OR you want to give them more to practice with in which case you can color your own 🙂

After your little one is building confidence, encourage him/her to make patterns with the cubes without attaching them together such as one facing up and the next flipped facing down.  Additionally, allow them to explore patterns using household items or toys your child has such car sizes: big, small, big, small, etc.

This extension of the pattern concept will prepare children for seeing patterns extended in designs and later on, in numbers.

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