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We have always had ABC foam letters (and numbers) in the bath tub, but my mother-in-law didn’t know when she bought Sean Patrick a little fishing net that it would end up becoming a little teaching tool for the bath AND the backyard plastic pool…

Sassy Developmental Bath Toy, Catch and Count Net

fishing net in the pool

Here are a FEW things you can use with just a little fishing net, letters, and bath toys whether you are in the tub or outside in the plastic pool…
1) Can you catch the letter “S” for me? {letter recognition}
2) Can you catch the letter that says /s/ (make the sound of a letter)? {letter-sound associations}
3) Can you catch the animal whose name has the sounds /fr/ – /og/ ? {phonemic awareness}
4) Can you catch the toy that rhymes with “moat”? (boat) {Rhyming}
5) For older kids… can you catch the d-o-g? (say the letters or spell it on the bath wall with the letters and they have to sound them out)
6) For younger kids… can you catch the green animal? {color recognition}


We are also having a blast making letters with the water shooter toy thingy (what is it called anyway?)…

Mini Eliminator Water Blaster, Foam Water Gun, Water Shooter. Light and Easy to Use. For Kids Over 5 Years Old

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