Room Rating – Operation: Clean Up!

So this happened…


Which was then followed by a few impulse buys…


…and a complete new behavior modification system to discourage future closet explosions.

I introduce to you…

The Room Rating

(located right outside of their bedroom door for those times when it is so messy I can’t even walk into it)

Green:  Mommy approves!

Yellow:  Slightly messy.  You will have to clean it before bed.

Red:  Total wreck.  You may not come out of your room until it is clean.

or, according to my husband,

Green:  Mommy approves!

Yellow:  Daddy approves!

Red:  Just shut the door.




I was looking for a dry erase board to put on my clipboard, but found this doodle pad instead! And then I thought that this is pretty genius so I don’t have to leave a marker within reach of the kids… I’d definitely have another mess to clean up!  I used Command strips to secure it to the clipboard.

Check back in with me in a week and let’s see if we stick to this!  So far, the kids are excited about trying to keep it on green!  Green = Clean!  Say it with me!  Green = Clean!


Everything is nice and neat, and labeled by size and article of clothing so that they can read the tags on their clothes to determine who they belong to.  Once they are sorted, they know exactly where they need to go!  Definitely encouraging some independence (and help around the house) here!

4T, 5T, XS = L’s clothes

6+, S+ = J’s clothes

Oh, and another thing new we’re trying?  Bins for BIG TOYS and bins for small toys.

No more organizing by type of toy for us.  It was just taking way too long to clean.  The new rule is that if it is larger than your hand, it goes in the bin for BIG TOYS.  If it is smaller than your hand, it goes in the bin for small toys.


And BONUS x 2!  All these labels are GREAT for increasing print awareness for my 4 year old and encouraging reading for my 6 year old!

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