Santa Countdown For The Playroom

I really like to display our seasonal arts and crafts on the playroom wall, and I have always loved to display and talk about a Santa Countdown.

santa countdown preview

It only made sense to me to countdown on Santa’s beard…So, I made it happen.

I decided to post it tonight so that you could get a head start if you wanted to. 

I will be posting a printable EVERY day until Christmas so you will have lots you can do with your kiddos.

If you just want this printable it is only $1 HERE, but my membership is only a one time payment of $5 and I have TONS of resources so you may want to join instead. 😉

I am going to talk to Sean Patrick tomorrow morning about this and here is how the conversation will start:

“Look at this cute Santa picture.  What do you think about him?  What do you notice?  (Wait for him to notice numbers) We are going to use the numbers to tell us how many days there are until Santa comes.  We will cover up one number each day until we fill his beard.   When his beard is full that will mean that it is time to bake cookies for Santa! It will be a calendar countdown! So lets cover up the first number – this is twenty-four (a two and a four).”

I plan to let Sean Patrick fill one circle each day with dot paint first and then glue a cotton ball on each number as we countdown.

And here is what it might look like when it is time to bake cookies for Santa:

Santa Printable


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