Simple Pumpkin Game

Today I thought I would introduce a “card game” that you could play with your kids using a  simple pumpkin template that I made.

For this game, print the pumpkin template onto orange paper (or cardstock) and cut them out either in squares or on the outside of the bold, black outline.  Then write a number, sight word, letter, shape, or any skill you are focusing on at the time on the back of most of the cards.  On about 1/5 of the cards write the word “boo” or some other fun seasonal word that is memorable for your child.  Place the cards down with the pumpkins facing up.  Your little one will pick up a pumpkin and tell you what is on the back of the pumpkin. If your little one names it right, he/she will keep the card and then you, or another player, will take a turn.

But, if he/she cannot identify what is on the back of the card, he/she will have to put the card back (after you have re-taught him/her what that skill was). If your little one picks “Boo”, encourage your little one to put ALL of his/her cards back; making it very light-hearted and funny that he/she has to “start over” because of that silly “boo.”

Game Tip* Explain the rules FIRST, have a practice round second, and then play a real game third so that the rules are understood and applied by your little one before the game officially starts.

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