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When I was teaching in the classroom, I had literacy, math, and open-ended stations that would each accomplish different objectives.  My literacy stations were: 1) reading comprehension, 2) listening comprehension, 3) fluency, 4) phonics, 5) phonemic awareness, and 6) computer skills.

I am going to start planning weekly learning station activities that I hope to post as often as I accomplish this.  I really want to bring back the structure of having activities planned and provided for; that way my little one can start working on skills in an even more fun and meaningful way.

Just like you, I want to make time at home purposeful when my little one isn’t purposefully playing outside, with toys inside, or going about our daily routine.

So, in the meantime, until I post lots of Christmas activities next week, I wanted to share my “winter wonderland” template with ya’ll.

It is SIMPLE.  It is a simple template that I handmade- which you can undoubtedly tell by looking at it.  But, it allows your little one to cut out the images (use fine motor skills), identify shapes (shape recognition), and assemble the images to make a picture (practice spatial skills).  You can help your little one come up with a sentence about it (oral vocabulary), and help them write it (to practice his/her writing skills).

First, he or she will assemble the template however they think it might make a picture, and before gluing it, help them brainstorm where the items might go or what other features they might add (nose, arms, etc.)

Here is my template… HERE – Snowman.

And here is one option of how the picture MIGHT look:


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