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Environmental print Make a Book of Their World

In one of my earlier posts “Read the Playroom“, I briefly mentioned the suggestion of posting “environmental print” in the playroom. Environmental print is simply “print that we see in our everyday environment” such as signs, banners, billboards, logos, etc.

Today, I have a simple activity, but it may take a bit of time to collect.
You are going to cut out the front of cereal boxes, snack boxes, and restaurant boxes/bags such as donut box tops or burger king bags. And you are going to combine them all to make a book for your child’s reading corner. If you dont have a reading corner, book display, bookshelf, or something like it. PLEASE consider establishing a designated area for reading. Make it cozy with bean bags, pillows, a little lamp, etc. You want this area to be one that your little one frequents.

I am posting the picture of my assembled book, but I was a teacher who “bound” the book at school. You can 3-whole punch it and use binder rings, stick it in a 3-ring folder or binder, put them in sheet protectors, or anything you can think of that align with the resources available to you.

Please e-mail me pictures of your completed work so I can post ideas for other moms and dads on the visitor share page ūüôā

Remember, as mentioned in an earlier reading post, this doesn’t mean your child can read necessarily, but it is a great way to attach meaning to print, to reinforce that reading can be linked with picture clues, and to provide the repetition to introduce new reading skills such as phonemic awareness which I will address in detail later.

And remember that each time you cut out a new print to save it is an opportunity to teach about it….to talk about what it says, the letters in the word(s), the way that you can identify it, etc. Have fun!

front cover

page 2

Start a Binder of Their Reading Responses

A great beginner reading activity is to read a book to your child and ask¬†him/her to draw something about it: their favorite part, favorite character, silliest part, etc.¬†¬†¬†¬†If¬†your child¬†says “I dont know how to draw” ask what¬†he wants to draw and give¬†him some simple tips like “Maybe you can draw a circle ‘like this’ for the¬†‘pig’¬†in the book”. Then write the date, the book title, and what¬†he drew (the exact way that¬†he dictates it to you) at the top. Read it out loud as you write so that¬†he begins to understand that you are writing in order to tell a story about¬†his drawing. Then, later on, if you ask¬†him to tell you about the book I bet¬†his picture will jog¬†his memory.

I know you are probably beginning to think that you are going to accumulate so much stuff, and you might. But for now, here is something you can do….Start a binder with 3 dividers: Reading, Writing, Math. It will help to keep them organized. ¬†Here are three dividing pages for you below if you want them:

Binder Dividers

binder dividers.001

binder dividers.002

binder dividers.003

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