The 2nd Shareworthy Game from Casey’s Top 5

Hi! It’s Casey stopping by from Kidspired Creations once again!
Here is the second of my TOP 5 (scratch that) 6! games for Pre-Schoolers:
Recommended for Ages 5+ (according to the box)
This classic game is great for so many reasons! Not only is it great for your child’s development, but the timer doesn’t need batteries AND it has the perfect little compartment to store all of the pieces!!! Now THAT is my kind of game!
I know it says “5+” on the box, but if you don’t use the 60-second timer at first, I think you can start at the age of 3 (the parts are small, so I wouldn’t start younger than that because they are a choking hazard).
I even have yet to finish putting all the pieces in within 60 seconds, so James doesn’t use the timer. Eventually I may use a kitchen timer to set at 2 or 3 minutes, then we can work our way to 60 seconds. Right now we just have fun naming the pieces and finding out where they go. Some pieces we have made up fun names for like the “hurricane” that looks like an S, or the “macaroni noodle” that is different from the semi-circle.
Pre-School learning skills:
  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Fine motor skills (turning the shapes between the thumb and index finger)
  • Spacial awareness
  • Simple shapes (square, circle, triangle)
  • Complex shapes (trapezoid, parallelogram, hexagon)
  • Imaginary play (What does this shape look like?)
  • Time management – racing the clock (eventually)

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