Tracing The ABC’s Book

Because Sean Patrick is so into tracing right now (and because he is a perfectionist), I decided to make him a book that he could use dry-erase markers and Mr. Clean magic erasers to practice his tracing over and over again without getting frustrated about markings on his paper (courtesy of his little sister).

abc tracing book 1

abc book 3

I printed the pages of my tracing book onto card stock and laminated them with my inexpensive laminator that I bought at WalMart.


laminating abc book 1

We work on it a little each day and I encourage him to do whatever letters he would like to practice making, but I always try to make the formation fun for him.   For example, when we were writing “A” I told him to slide down this slide (the left slanted line) then to slide down that slide (the right slanted line), and then to climb across the monkey bars.  He said exactly what I said as he traced A the next few times.  And for lowercase “a” we rode around the merry-go-round and then climbed down the ladder.

tracing a with marker

“Slide down, slide down, climb across the monkey bars”

If you don’t have a laminator and you don’t want to get it laminated you can also just print it and let your little one trace the pages individually with crayons 🙂

tracing c with crayon 2

/c/ /c/ crawl around the /c/ /c/ curve to see the /c/ /c/ cow

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3 Comments on Tracing The ABC’s Book

  1. Meghan
    July 18, 2013 at 6:59 am (5 years ago)

    Just wanted to say that I purchased this yesterday, printed it off, laminated it at home and my 3 year old did every single letter! I did not expect that at all. I thought she would get bored, but she loved doing it! And we had fun coming up with little sayings about each letter (P was a man and then he put his hat on, etc). Thank you for helping me get everything squared away yesterday.

    We also made up songs spelling out all of the kids names that you mentioned in a previous post. They loved it! This blog is so great! Thank you for helping me become a better mommy teacher 🙂

    • Jessica
      July 18, 2013 at 10:31 am (5 years ago)

      This makes me so happy to hear. This is exactly the reason I started The Mommy Teacher… LOVE sharing ideas and hearing about other mom’s experiences. You are an awesome mommy teacher Meghan… I can tell by the way you take initiative and the way you get your little one excited about learning.


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